A beautiful start to autumn…

Yesterday was officially the first day of autumn. (Oops – seems that I got my date for the start of autumn wrong … no thanks to someone who had told me that we were already in autumn! Just to correct the fact, autumn (autumnal equinox) starts tomorrow, on 23 September 2011. Nonetheless … it still stands that it will be a beautiful start to autumn from what the meteorological department has forecast). And unlike the last few days when it was cold the weather yesterday made for what could be a beautiful start to the autumn season … nice and sunny and pleasantly warm with an ideal temperature of 20°C in the afternoon. So instead of taking the métro or the bus to do my errands in the nearby neighbourhoods, I decided to walk instead … which naturally made the hubby very happy as he is always telling me to walk more (claiming I have to keep my legs trained for our future mountain or bicycle trips!)  🙂

I walked downhill to Sallaz to get rid of my used oil there (there are bins provided in some neighbourhoods where one can throw one’s used vegetable cooking oil) and used plastic bottles … then to the post office to withdraw some money to do some shopping … and from there made my way back uphill to a supermarket which I had intended to go in order to buy some stuff that I saw in their catalogues.

But … as I made my way uphill, I decided to try find a shortcut to the supermarket. Unfortunately, my attempt at doing a shortcut proved to be longer than it would be if I had taken a more familiar route … because the shortcut that I took brought me to a dead end and so I had to re-trace my route back downhill and then again uphill to the supermarket. Oh well … I took it as a pleasant walk lah!  hehehe … Especially since it allowed me to check out the kind of shrubs, plants and trees that grow in the area. 🙂

And because of the walks yesterday to do my errands … I discovered that there are plenty of wild strawberry plants (some bearing the red berries) as well as some blackberry plants growing in the area where I took the short cut  … and that there are a number of hazelnut trees growing near us, not just at Mont Sauvabelin! Oh yes … slowly but surely I have learnt to recognise hazelnut trees … especially after one of our more recent excursions … which I will share more about later lah.

And this morning, the weather continued to be nice and sunny and with the temperature expected to be about the same as yesterday. Great!! As I intend to go out again to do more shopping this afternoon … hehehe …

Nice and sunny on the balcony this morning … just like yesterday morning.

No sign to show that autumn has begun is about to begin … everywhere still looks very green. But the apple trees are fast losing all their apples!

My plants on the balcony are basking in the warm autumn sun … for now. As you can see … my calamansi lime tree seem to be thriving over the summer. Hmmm … just wonder how long I will have to wait before it starts to flower and bear me some limes! From what I read, it will only start bearing fruits after a year and a half. Mine is reaching 2 years old … so maybe by next year (if I am lucky given the temperate weather here) I will get to see some flowers and limes!

One of my red chilli plants has started to flower and bear fruits. And I am also happy that the lemon grass that I planted in July (right pic) is growing well, which has prompted me to plant another one.

Unfortunately, I am so very sad to report … that all my pandan seedlings have died … waaaa … sob, sob, sob. Not a single one has survived … much to my sad disappointment. 😦

But … it is okay, I will not give up. I will try again the next time I go back to Singapore. I will just have to think harder how I can bring back a plant or seedlings that will have a better chance of surviving the initial stage of moving and the weather change lah!


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