Brrr … it’s freezing, major snowfall in Switzerland … for summer …

Yesterday was a cold day in Lausanne. Nope it did not snow in Lausanne … not yet lah … but it did rain the whole day and the temperature hovered around 11°C or so.  I decided to go out to do some shopping in the chilly weather only to find that the shops were closed …. shucks! I had not realised that it was a public holiday in Lausanne yesterday (Swiss fasting day), as the hubby was working (in Geneva, which observed the same holiday last Thursday). Since not all public holidays are necessarily observed on the same day in all the 26 cantons (equivalent of Malaysian states, roughly) in Switzerland, with the hubby working in Geneva … well, his public holiday or bank holiday therefore differs slightly from that in Lausanne, except for the major ones.

Anyway back to the weather, the weather had turned slightly cool since the weekend, a departure from the nice warm sunny weather of last week … and had turned cold yesterday, so that I am forced to go back to wearing socks again at home and having to put on a light jacket when out on the balcony when attending to my plants. In fact I was quite worried about some of my seedlings that I had taken the precautionary measure of bringing in some of my more tropical seedlings inside a few days ago.

Well … although it only rained in Lausanne yesterday … it did snow in other parts of Switzerland, in particular in the Grisons area … the area where the hubby and I had spent a pleasant stay just last weekend doing some mountain hiking! How the weather changed … so temperamental lah!! 🙂

According to 20 minute online dated yesterday, the area was blanketed with snow … some as high as 45cm at St. Moritz (where we had a lovely time early this February) … and in Davos, where we were thinking of coming back for another longer visit to do some cycling (after a brief stop last week on our way back from Klosters) 27cm of snow fall was recorded yesterday morning … oh wow! The last extreme snowfall here was 17 years ago.

Hmmm … so does this means that winter will come early this year? Well … thankfully according to the Swiss meterological department, the temperature will go back up again to the 20s° over the next few days and this weekend is expected to be nice and sunny again … phew!

Thank God for that favourable weather forecast for the weekend. Imagine having to contend with extreme weather (even if it will only be a cold rain here in Lausanne) … while trying to do our museum marathon this coming Saturday (for photos of last year’s event, click here and here)! So I hope the weatherman prediction for this weekend will hold true lah … for the event organisers … and for us too, of course! 🙂

And here are some webcam shots (you can click to see more shots) of St. Moritz this morning … beautifully covered in snow … in very late summer … oh my!

The area at St. Moritz Lake (courtesy of the webcam of the newspaper Engadinerpost).

I am glad that I am not living in St. Moritz or places near the area!!

As much as I love snow and enjoy them … I like having several months of free-from-snow days to enjoy, too! (Both webcam shots courtesy of the webcam of Hotel Schweizerhof, St.Moritz).

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2 thoughts on “Brrr … it’s freezing, major snowfall in Switzerland … for summer …

  1. I think you were referring to the earlier post, the one showing the vineyeards, I reckon it is some Dézaley …


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