Settling back to the usual routine…

Oh wow … time has passed so fast that it has already been nearly a week since I last shared anything … sorry about that! But with all the trips and excursions the hubby and I did immediately after I came back from Singapore … and then the tidying and cleaning to do at home after that… despite wanting to write something (and despite being even reminded several times by the hubby to try to do so … he is even more impatient than some of you for me to share something!! hehehe …) I just could not find the time to do so. Too many things to do during the day … and evening time after dinner, well … the hubby usually gets to use the computer.

The hubby had tried installing wi-fi at home twice so that we could both access the internet at the same time … but both times the new wi-fi routers worked for only a few weeks ! It seems that the current modem that we are using (which is several years old) might not be compatible with the new wi-fi routers and so it might need to be changed. As we have not got round to doing that yet … we continue sharing this computer for accessing the internet lah. And my turn on the (internet) computer is usually during the day when the hubby is at work … sigh …

Anyway … I am happy that finally most of the urgent chores that I had to do upon coming home have been done … so that I can now have the time to write! And yes, unbelievable it may be, there are lots of chores to do at home … even if you do not have a kid at home. Difficult as it may be for some people to understand (including my dear Ta) there is always plenty to do at home … which is why I am not always “shaking leg” at home (although sometimes I do lah, hehehe … ;)) … nor do I crave going out often (just because it is assumed that it is boring to stay at home with nothing to do)!

But … as Friday is washing day… and I still have a few other things that I would like to do … I will not share on our excursions just yet lah. That will take some time … because of all the photos that I will have to sort and organise before uploading. Instead I thought I would share a bit on what I have been busy with the past few days in my garden (what else!) hehehe … 🙂

Upon my return from Singapore, my balcony garden was not exactly in a terrible shape … but nor was it in a good shape either. According to the hubby, he had faithfully watered the plants (except when it rained) … but I guess his gardening skills do not extend beyond watering plants! Some of the ripened strawberries were left all dried up and some of the vegetables pretty much faced the same fate, too. Alamak, this Ta huh … quite hopeless when it comes to gardening lah!

I did not have the time to do much about the plants when I returned from Singapore as we had to leave again within a few hours upon my return for our trip to Klosters … and then after coming back from Klosters, we went out on day excursions on the two days that the hubby was not working. So … the past few days, apart from catching up with the household chores, I had been busy nursing some of my plants, trimming and cleaning away the dead leaves … removing the dried fruits and vegetables … re-potted some of the plants … and most enjoyable of all, harvesting them! 🙂

The harvest was not much, but then not too bad lah … for my first effort at growing a vegetable garden on the balcony. Since I have bought lots of seeds … online from the UK and the US just before I had left for Singapore … and then more seeds while I was in Singapore … in addition to those that I have been collecting over the past few months … so come next spring, I will have my time and hands full with my balcony garden … I think. But I look forward to it!! hehehe … 🙂

Some of my harvests for the past few days. In addition, I harvested two garlics … as well as the radishes which had looked like this (below) when I saw them upon returning home from Singapore.

Very pathetic, no? Not only were the leaves turning brown, some of them were also growing baldy … thanks to hungry caterpillars. I saw three caterpillars when I harvested the radishes. I harvested all the radishes … which unfortunately were no longer good … and then put them into my compost bag …

… except for …this single plant which is flowering. Not because I wanted to admire the flowers … although the flowers are quite pretty … but so that I can collect the seeds as I have done with the lettuces.

Luckily radishes are quick growers so I am growing another batch which I hope will have time to grow big enough for harvesting before the weather turns too cold… (autumn should be here in another week or so, officially on 21 September).

And … introducing my fancy-shaped carrots! hehehe … interesting no? Reminded me of ginseng roots! 🙂 These are from the seedlings that I have uprooted from the main pot and re-planted into another smaller pot. They were supposed to be thrown away (because one is supposed to leave only the sturdiest seedlings to grow fully) … but I decided to try re-plant them in another pot as I hate to waste the seedlings.  Hmmm … now I know why we were advised to throw away the uprooted seedlings! But still … I have already done another re-planting with another batch of carrots … so I suppose I will see more of them. 🙂

And here is a close-up of the reddies … peppers, cherry tomatoes and strawberries (both standard and wild/alpine). We had picked some of the ripe strawberries before leaving for Klosters … but I saw more strawberries starting to turn red when we returned three days later. I have to say that they are certainly sweeter than the ones brought in the supermarket even though they might not be as big … yummy!! 🙂

Of course … the harvesting is not over yet. There are more waiting to be harvested … and I look forward to doing so.

Especially these mungo beans … which are finally bearing the seed pods … yeay …

And of course, these tomatoes and black mini grapes … I had harvested some, but I still have a lot more to go. 🙂

However, although I am happy at the thought of doing more harvesting in the coming weeks …

… and I look forward to planting most (if not all) of the seeds that I have diligently collected and bought onsite and online … sad to say, one of the pandan plantelets that I brought from Singapore has just died on me … arrrghhhh!! Out of the remaining three, only one still looks pretty okay. As for the other two … I keep my fingers crossed that they will make it through!  So sad lah … sob, sob …

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2 thoughts on “Settling back to the usual routine…

  1. Thank u, thank u! Proud betul tau I dpt award ni. 🙂 Purple grapes tu I cannot take much credit lah, since I bought it already fruiting, just need to “maintain” aje. But alhamdullilah, it did not die on me. The first two bunches that we had were still not very sweet, which is why I decided to leave them longer on the tree even though the colour has turned quite dark. I think grapes should be harvested end Sep or early Oct. But yg kuning (the other variety I bought) was already very sweet when I accidentally terpotong a few weeks ago. So by now, must be even sweeter! Kalau u tinggal dekat, I could have given u a bunch to try lah but since jauh .. ambik bau aje ok? hehehe. Radish is used mostly for salad mix. You slice them and add into salad mix. Or I supposed can even eat cecah kuah kacang … could be nice too. Rasa dia pahit2 sikit.


  2. Peladang Jaya Tahun 2011 jatuh kepada……….Siti dari Singapura! Tahniah.

    I am envy of you because you managed to grow that popol (purple) grapes plant. Ish!ish! geram sangat tengok tau. Kalau dekat, muka tak malu minta sejambak dua.

    Radish tu Siti masak apa? Salad?


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