Back home in Lausanne…

The Hari Raya visit to see my family passed by really fast. Well … it was meant to be a short visit (less than two weeks) … which was why it was over very quickly lah. But at least I got to spend the raya with my family even though I missed not having the hubby there. Insyaallah next year, hopefully both the hubby and I will be able to go back for Hari Raya together.

But I was home for only a few hours on Thursday … before I left again (with the hubby this time) for a short trip to Klosters. While I was in Singapore, the hubby decided to book a two nights stay at a youth hostel in Klosters so that we could start doing some mountain walking again (after the short break during the fasting month).

We luuuurve Klosters (and the youth hostel where we stayed) and even contemplated extending our stay there. But … after remembering the condition of my plants (when I saw them after arriving home from Singapore) … I thought it was best that we come home today … but not before making a quick visit to Davos on our way back!

I certainly did not waste time in administering some TLC for my poor plants … and also decided to plant the pandan plantelets and curry seed that I had brought home from Singapore … as soon as we came back from our trip and after doing our grocery shopping for the week.

With all the travelling that I have been doing the past few days … on the aeroplane and then on the trains … I can still feel the ‘swaying’ motion whenever I stop to sit still for a while … arghh I hate this ‘swaying’ feeling! But … my holiday is still not over yet! Tomorrow we are taking the ferry to go across Lake Geneva to visit another mountain (for another walk on the mountain) … to be followed by a cycling trip to the hill of Lavaux the day after!

Hmmm … if you wonder, am I not tired with all the hectic activity immediately after coming home from Singapore … I have to say … of course I do! But … after all the eating and feasting which I did in Singapore … errr … maybe it is not a bad idea to do all these ‘exercises’ now that I am back home! I am all for losing any extra weight that I may have gained when I was in Singapore! hehehe … 🙂

ps: Unfortunately, as I had not been home long enough to upload any photos … there is none to share for now. But will definitely share them as soon as I am fully settled at home and no longer traipsing on mountains or hills! 😉

PPS: the hubby could not resist taking advantage of the wife’s sleep to add a ‘teaser panorama’ of the mountain we climbed on Friday:


2 thoughts on “Back home in Lausanne…

  1. Ehhh tak seludup lah … cuma tak declare aje! hehehe … 🙂 I pun berharap semoga kesemua benih-benih yg di bawa balik, termasuk benih halia dan serai (which I pinched from my sister) akan tumbuh dgn suburnya di sini!


  2. jadi sebiji benih pokok kari & serumpun pandan telah berjaya diseludup ke Lausanne, Switzerland? kwang, kwang, kwang

    Semoga benih-benih itu akan beranak pinak dengan jaya nya.


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