From Lausanne to Morges… cycling…

It had been quite sometime since we last went on a cycling excursion … not since the day when we decided to cycle to Chalet-à-Gobet to support our friends from Equador who were taking part in the Journée Lausannoise du Vélo (Lausanne Bicycle Day) back in May.  Wahh … that was about 3 months ago!

And so … on Swiss National Day, we decided to do just that. The hubby was keen for us to do another cycling trip and I was keen to visit the dahlia show in Morges (do you remember that small town where we went to so as to enjoy some beautiful tulips in April?). So … we decided to kill two birds with one stone by cycling to Morges … instead of taking the train … so that I could see the dahlias! 🙂

Actually, I was not sure whether I would have the energy to do the cycling from home … all the way to the town of Morges. By métro and train, the whole journey would have taken at least half an hour. By bicycle … well I was not sure how long it would take us … or rather it would take me … to reach Morges!

But I was game for it … especially since we would not be taking the main road but instead would be cycling along the lake side. We were not sure initially … whether we would be able to do so all the way to Morges … but we were willing to find out. And I was glad that we cycled to Morges because …. firstly because it made me realise that I could do it and secondly because I got to see some places that I had never seen before along the shore of Lac Léman … places that I had only heard of, but had never been to! Now, was that not nice? 🙂

Of course, we did several stops along the way so as to enjoy the view and take some photos … and also for me to take short rests. But overall … we did not stop very long at any one place … and it was not really too tough a cycling trip for me. I surprised myself … and the hubby too … by being able to do so! hehehe …

So now that we have successfully cycled all the way to Morges … next destination will be to another area along the other side of the lake … one with a gorgeous view! Hmmm … I certainly look forward to it.

In the meantime … enjoy these photos (which, as always, you can click on to enlarge or roll your mouse on to display background info)

From our home up on a hill … we cycled all the way down … taking short cuts through Mont Sauvabelin, Riponne, Pont de Chauderon, Avenue de Cour, Vallée de la Jeunesse, then Route de Vidy … until we reached the lake side area at Ecublens and in particular this beautiful alley of plane trees leading to the lake.

But before we made our way to the lake side, the hubby decided to do a short détour so that he could show me this …

… the university/EPFL running track where the hubby had been running on a couple of occasions for his marathon preparation (all the way from home and then back, that is) … which has a beautiful view of the lake since it is located near the lake! 🙂

And this …

… a field of sunflowers nearby just beside the University Library of Lausanne at Dorigny. Unfortunately, all the beautiful blooms had already wilted … what a pity! Otherwise, I am sure the field must have looked magnificent all yellow against the blue sky!

So since there was not a single yellow blossom to admire … we therefore made our way back towards the lake side area passing through the line of trees (the two pictures at the top).

The followings are some of the beautiful and interesting views that we saw as we cycled along the shore of the lake from Ecublens, via Saint-Sulpice, Préverenges, etc … all the way to Morges!

A quick stop here to admire the beautiful lake view …

… where we were able to see Ouchy (Lausanne’s harbour) in the distance … easily recognisable from the iconic inverted C (called La Girouette d’Ouchy), a 20-metre high wind indicator. 

Just several metres away at Saint-Sulpice … there was a children’s park by the lake … very very nice setting lah. Hmmm … so lucky the people residing in that area … and their children!

And then while we were cycling through a residential street through  Saint-Sulpice … guess what did I spot? Kiwis growing on the arbour of the carpark at this house by the lakeside!! Oh wow … I loikeee! 🙂

Just look at all those kiwis … aren’t you as envious as I was? What an ingenious idea to grow kiwi plants to provide shade for the cars parked there!

Next quick stop … one of the oldest churches in the canton of Vaud (started around 1000 BC and completed in the 12th century, it is also the only church on the Swiss side of the lake to be purely Romanesque in style (in particular, it shows some influence from Cluny). Note the twin windows of the bell tower.

Under the Bernese, the church was transformed in 1538 to make it more in line with the Protestant austerity ethic and the frescoes were concealed under a layer of white paint until this covering was removed towards the end of the 19th century.

Having crossed the river La Venoge … we felt entitled to another quick photo stop here … the beautiful view on the left (with Saint-Sulpice and the World Heritage hills of Lavaux in the background)…

… and the view to the right … with the track (heading to Préverenges) for one to walk on or cycle on along the lake side …. called … of course … Avenue de la Plage (beach avenue). 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to find a long stretch of beach … a real beach with sands instead of pebble stones normally seen at other beaches along the lake … when we cycled several metres away. Nice!

And since it was a public holiday, there were picnickers along the beach … enjoying the sun and the cool water of the lake.

I was certainly very envious of the houses that I saw in the area facing the lake. Unlike the more posh houses along the lake side near Lutry … the houses here somehow conveyed a more welcoming and homely feel to me … with the trees and nice lawn in front. It reminded me a bit of back home … in particular of Malaysia and Thailand.

Nice area … beautiful view … hmmm … if only we could afford to buy a house here … that would be so wonderful! Of course that will only happen … in my dreams lah! hehehe …  Although … the hubby happens to have a colleague who lives in the area … so maybe this could bring us luck, who knows … 😉

From the beach area with nice houses … we pushed on so that we would reach Morges not too late. It was really nice to cycle so close to the lake … along narrow paths … some … really, really narrow!

Morges was just further ahead from here, about some 5 minutes more of cycling.

And finally … in Morges … with its beautiful lake side promenade.

… and its beautiful lake view.

I really enjoyed our cycling trip to Morges … and was truly glad that we did it. All in all … with a quick photo stops here and there … it took us nearly 2 hours to cycle from home … down the hill  and along the lake … to reach Morges where I got to see the dahlias! (I will share more on the dahlias in the next entry.)

However, in order not to push myself overly much … the hubby kindly agreed to take the train back to Lausanne after I had my fill of the dahlias! hehehe …

And then from the train station we took the métro back to home … thank god! Because … even if we had not cycled all the way to Morges … I still would not have had the strength to cycle from the lake side in Lausanne all the way up to the hill where we called home. Unlike the hubby who has been doing so everyday for the past 3 weeks (since he decided to cycle instead of taking the public transports in Lausanne and Geneva to work, apart from the train ride) … I just do not have the stamina lah! 🙂

So … after successfully cycling along the lake side from Lausanne to Morges … the next thing to do (for the hubby lah, definitely not for me, no way… ) … is to try and do it on foot! Oh yes … a friend  of his had dared him to drop off at Morges train station on his way home from work … and continue the rest of the journey home … running! Hmmm … so Ta …  when are you going to show him that you can do it? Better do so before the days get too short! 😉

Other entries on cycling in the area on this blog and on the hubby’s


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