More on gardening and my balcony garden…

Yesterday, I was feeling quite pleased that I finally received all the gardening books that the hubby had ordered online last week. I had only asked for 3 – 4 books that I saw on the online catalogues … but the hubby decided to be generous and ordered additional titles. A nice belated birthday presents … the way I see it! 🙂

The almost continued drop in the US dollar, euro and pound against the Swiss franc has made it quite cheap for him to order books online. So he had been on a book buying spree … and nearly every day there would always be some books in the mail! At the rate the hubby has been buying books… our comfortable size flat will no longer be so comfortable! 🙂

But err … still … I would not mind a few more books myself … on edible wild plants next, please Ta!? hehehe …

I have, naturally, looked through all of the books very quickly … and am looking forward to reading each of them in more detail. But I think my favourite is the one titled “The edible balcony“. There are some interesting planting ideas in this book … and I just lurve their glossy photos! I really look forward to being able to try some of the ideas suggested in these books for my balcony next year!

But then… when I went out to the balcony to water and check my plants this morning … I was a bit upset to see that my one and only long cucumber plant had been infected with powdery mildew … arghh … how come I did not notice it before?!

So … I decided to do some snip, snip … and after all the snipping …

… this is what is left of my long cucumber plant! Although I also had to snip away some of the budding cucumbers as they did not look as if they would grow properly … at least the top shoots still look healthy and are flowering. So hopefully I will still get to harvest some long cucumbers this summer!

Thankfully the cornichons are not affected by the powdery mildew … pheww!!!

And I am also happy to note that my mini grapes seemed to be ripening … slowly but surely!

I lost some of the grapes to strong winds in the previous weeks … but ahhh … nice to see that the remaining grapes that managed to survive the ordeal are turning reddish in colour. But I only recently realised that this is a mini grape variety because the fruit have not grown any larger since I bought the plant several weeks ago!

How mini … ?

As you can see … they are only the size of the tip of my fingers …. if not smaller. Certainly smaller than my thumb … and I have been told many a time that I have small or miniature hands! 🙂

But never mind even if they are mini grapes … I still loikee them! I just hope they will be sweet and juicy! Oh dear, still a few hours away from breaking fast … so better not think too much about how they will taste ! hehehe…. 🙂

The other grapes which are of a yellow variety. So although the fruit have grown bigger than when we first bought the plant… as the colour has not changed, I cannot tell if it is already ripe or not. But to be safe I will start testing only in September lah. And the only way to test is of course … to pick one and eat! Ohhh… I loike the thought of that! 🙂

And last but not least ….

… my onion starting to push out of the soil … yeayy!! I had planted three small bulbs from onions which I had bought for cooking but which had started to grow shoots. And out of the three, one seemed to struggle to grow and has only now started to grow new shoots, the other has flowered … while this one did not flower but thankfully it is growing into a proper onion! What this means is that … for next year I will have to buy a proper onion set if I want to plant any onions for harvesting!

And so that is a quick update of some of the plants growing on my balcony.

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6 thoughts on “More on gardening and my balcony garden…

  1. The straws because they are light are easy to move around. So I made sure they get the sunshine but not the heavy rain. Today, I finally see my potato shoots starting to peek through the straws… so excited! 🙂 And my radish pun dah mula starting to peek through the soils. Lagi 1-2 weeks dah boleh harvest, kot? Hehehe… tak sabar!


  2. It is a fungus but I would rather not use fungicide. From what I read, mildew form when it is humid and not enough air circulation but the way I see it both conditions do not really apply to my balcony. Luckily the aphids problem is now under control. Had not seen any so far although I have not been checking so thorougly lah. Hei.. I pun selalu jugak belai my plants oi… cuma tak berbual dgn diorg aje! hehehe..


  3. ah…if the straw’s been too wet…can cause fungus to grow too! Best la those books! I just lurve ur onion!…and not forgetting those potato flowers…soo bootiful la… keep up the gud gud work! Keep ur posts going aah…I live for them! U go gurl…

    Kesian la org kat sana posa sampai berbelas jam! cha yoh ok… All my love


  4. Isn’t mildew a kind of fungus? If fungus…got to use fungicide….hmmm…ade tak fungicide that safe for human consumption? Sometimes if fungus infection, it’s due to the soil kot?

    As for them aphids…if u got the time and energy…u can clean them by hands…dip ur hands in water and gently wipe them away from your plants…they just love to eat up the juices from the young shoots and buds…Sometimes I use the spray bottle and spray them off…I too sayang to cut the whole part of the plant…sometimes they may not survive…err…to me…they feel the pain and not recover…like kena shock gitu…he he he so I would painstakingly use my hands and wipe them aphids away…and the plants loved it…coz got ur touch…they thrive with touch…then become very gemuk2…and lots of fruits…ha ha ha serious!!!


  5. Enjoy your book shopping spree! Unfortunately, there is no MPH in Sg any longer. I used to enjoy going to MPH in Sg near the old Stamford Library. And so did the hubby. Lucky you that you have made some profits with your FX trading – unlike the hubby, whose equity portfolio has followed a steep downward curve because he has not looked after it as assiduously as I do with my balcony garden… And also thanks for the tip on using the tooth brush to get rid of the mildew! It’s a great idea which I didn’t think off! I just hope my mini grapes is the same variety as the one that a former classmate brought to class for us to try! Hers was very2 sweet!


  6. Talking about books, i just received MPH’s voucher yesterday. May be i want to buy books on forex trading/internet marketing. I am into forex trading and making small profits now.

    I am jealous over your mini grapes, if it available in Malaysia. I’ll be the first to buy.

    A friend of mind b4 told me that if your plants are infected with powdery mildew, you need to get rid of the stem as well as the leaves and burn it. But my friend went further, she used old tooth brush and brushed it till it gone.

    I never plant onion b4, no comment.


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