Beside the apple trees…

I have just realized last Friday … while I was hurrying down the footpath towards the métro to meet up with the hubby in Aubonne for our Friday night shopping … that there is another fruit tree growing beside the rows of apple trees.

I had not seen it before … or rather had never noticed it last year… probably because we were just too captivated with the apples at that time. I would not have noticed it either this year if I had not stopped to take some photos … and saw something hanging on the last tree of that rows of trees as I was trying to do some close-up shots of the apples on the tree behind this tree.

So it went without saying that I was so excited to see the fruits … and took several shots of them … that I missed the earlier métro and therefore … missed the train! So … the poor hubby had to wait for me at the train station instead of the other way round … hehehe …

And this is the tree (the tall one) that finally caught my attention … despite having stayed here for more than a year 🙂

It only dawned on me … after I have seen the fruits from this tree … that the reason why I had not seen any apple on this tree (since last year) is because it is not an apple tree …

… but is actually a plum tree lah! Ahhh … so this is how a plum tree looks like. I am still not sure if I shall be able to recognize it easily if I am to see it elsewhere without the fruits, that is.

Those ripe plums certainly looked yummy, are they not? Ahhh … so many temptations growing nearby in this fasting month… hehehe 🙂

Of course besides cherries, apples, plums and blackberries (I saw another bush nearby with ripened berries) … there is also another tree growing near our place. This tree is quite familiar to me because I had seen it at the in-law’s place in Lucinges.

They are the walnut trees. But as I did not take any photos of them … so no photo to show lah.


2 thoughts on “Beside the apple trees…

  1. Alaa… I pun bukan favorit sgt makan prune…ok, ok aje. Its just that when you see fruit trees ripening, the hands start to itch wanting to pluck! Not that I will be able to eat much. Apples beli kat supermarket yang cuma 3-4 biji pun susah nak kasi habis!


  2. Tengok buah prun di bulan puasa. Eh! i got excited while reading this. Kalaulah aku berada ditempat mu, dengan muka tak malu pergi minta. Kalau dapat sebakul, agaknya serik makan buah prun kut.

    Now i realized that you are in different culture, kalau kat sini tak perlu minta , dorang hantar kat rumah lagi berbakul-bakul. Minggu depan dapat pulak buah yg lain. Tak habis-habis sampai musim buah selesai.

    Kalau malu nak minta, berdoalah, semoga Allah memperkenankan hajat mu


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