The apple trees nearer to home…

As you know, I was very excited when the hubby and I discovered apple tree growing in Mont Sauvabelin two weeks ago. But as some of you who follow my sharings would also know, there are in fact several apple trees growing near our place. Unfortunately, unlike the apple tree in Mont Sauvabelin… these apple trees are private properties… even though they grow just beside small road and footpaths. So… although I can see and touch a few of them (if I want to) each time I used the small footpath on my way to the métro station… unfortunately cannot pluck lah… because they belong to someone! Although from the look of it… it seems as if that someone does not really care about the apples much! Ahhh… the unfairness of it all!!

Since I have not updated any photos of the apple trees since I last showed them flowering so beautifully in spring,  I thought I will share how they look now in summer. Just don’t be jealous… as I am… when you look at their photos huh?! 🙂

Besides the rows of apple trees behind the house on the right… the two trees in the foreground beside the road are also apple trees. They were full of apples just a few weeks ago… but now…

… not many are left on the trees… because with heavy rains and strong winds in the past few weeks… many have fallen to the ground!

A pity… especially when nobody (who lives on that plot on land) seems to be interested in plucking them!

And then there are the rows of apple trees along the footpath going down towards the métro station.

Some of the apples are already turning red and look about ready to be picked!

Especially this one that grow closest to the white house (seen on first picture, on the right). All those red colours… ai sey man… 🙂

And this… I cannot even describe how I feel each time I pass by this particular tree. There seems to be as many apples as there are leaves on this tree!

The apples are not very big yet…. but still… they look very tempting, do they not? 🙂

Imagine yourself… as me… walking through this footpath… several times a week if not everyday. Hmmm… if only those apple trees were mine… I think I would have gone crazily excited even though I will not be able to eat all of them! hehehe…

For now… I just try to enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at them… each time I pass by them 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “The apple trees nearer to home…

  1. Unfortunately, I am the shy sort .. so I think I will never find the courage to ask! And for certain, I know what the hubby will say if I tell him that maybe we could ask for some apples. He would tell me to pick some… from the supermarkets! hehehe….


  2. u did write about apples threes b4 n i remember the threes planted on private land belongs to Christian Church or something like that. Buat bodo je tanya, minta nak makan sendiri. Dia beri lah rather than leaving on the ground rotten.

    I dare u to ask them..hehehe


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