Always something new to discover at Mont Sauvabelin…

The hubby and I had hoped to go back to Mont Sauvabelin to do another round of berry picking (for me) and jogging (for him). But despite making plans to do so twice… we ended up having to cancel them at the last minute. Sighhh… so, no berry picking for me… no jogging for him… and… no pictures of the trees that we discovered growing near the area where the blackberry bushes (and raspberry… and strawberry) are growing!

Well… no new pictures, I mean… because I still have the pictures that I took on the day that we went to pick some blackberries. But as it was getting dark when the hubby pointed out the trees to me… so the photos that I took on that day did not turn out as well as I would like them to be. Which is why I was hoping that we would go there again, to pick more blackberries… as well as take some better shots of the trees that we saw there!

But since we are unlikely to go there again, at least not for a few weeks… so guess I will just have to share the earlier pictures that I took on that day lah!

Errr… you do remember that I had mentioned discovering something else growing in Mont Sauvabelin… of the edible kind, that is… right? If you do not… well… you can read about the time the hubby and I went for another round of berry picking at Mont Sauvabelin.

But if you do… then, these are the trees that we discovered on that day.

Tree no 1:

Recognize this tree?

Noooo…? Oh well… don’t be embarassed if you do not… because I did not either when the hubby pointed it out to me! hehehe… 🙂

And then he showed me the fruits from this tree…

Well… I still did not get it, unfortunately.

Not until he told me.

Ahhhh, now I know… it was a hazel nut tree lah!!

Well… what can I say… except that it was the first time that I saw the tree… and the fruits… in the raw! Previously, I had only seen the nuts deliciously coated with chocolates… or added into some desserts! 🙂

Soooo… there are hazel nuts growing at Mont Sauvabelin… how nice! The only catch is that… I will have to find out when to pluck the fruit… and how or what to do after we had plucked them… if we decide to go and pluck them! That’s the problem with these nuts (especially for a Singaporean like me) … you have to know when and how to pick them to get to the nuts! A bit troublesome lah! But actually, this holds true for any type of fruit when one sees it for the very first time… as the hubby discovered when we went to Malaysia two years ago and he got to eat his own picked durians, a fruit he lurves so much! hehehe….

I think I like the other tree better! Just pluck the fruit and it is ready to eat! Errr… what tree was that?

Tree no 2:

I’m sure you are able to recognize this tree, no? Oh okay… maybe the picture is a bit too far… so let’s go for a close-up.

Hehehe… So now we know where we can get apples for free… Yeahh!!! 🙂

I think the apples should be ripe by the time we decide to pay Mont Sauvabelin another visit. And the blackberries should be, too!

Ahhh… nothing is more pleasurable than picking fruits… for free!! hehehe 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Always something new to discover at Mont Sauvabelin…

  1. Actually, I am not really a fan of apples unlike the hubby. But when you see so many of them ripening on the tree… tangan gatal nak petik! hehehe But they will make delicious apple tart if we decide to go and pluck some when ripe!


  2. So far, has not seen any macadamia tree, yet! But who knows… the nice thing about staying near the countryside is that one can find so many fruit trees and bushes growing in and near the area.Do you plant any fruit tree at your current home in KL?


  3. Banyaknya buah apple tu… can make apple juices….good for health just like the saying use to say…an apple a day chase your Doctor away………


  4. Ct, when I see the hazel nut trees I could still recall, there’s a few macadamia’s trees in the farm near my house in Cameron Highlands. My son used to pluck the macadamias but it wasn’t that easy to take the fruits out from the shell…. kulitnya keras… Tapi worth eating….rasanya lemak sungguh…Again miss that moment …….


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