Been on an assignment …

I am dead beat right now… from hours of walking on the mountain. But the hubby… aka my blog manager… said why not share something tonight about your day? Huhh?? All I wanted… is to go to bed… and have my beauty sleep! Because tomorrow… we have another date with another mountain!

Yes… that’s right… we are cramming as many outings as we can… before the fasting month starts! Since we will not be doing much traipsing around during the fasting month… (will not have much energy lah!)… we thought it would be better to do so now… to take advantage of the good weather… and some special train offers.  And, of course in the process… collect enough materials for me to share… when I am resting at home during Ramadan.  Aren’t we clever? hehehe… 🙂

So… since I am  very very tired… and I could hear quite loudly our bed calling to me… so I am not going to share much tonight… except to tell all of you… that we have taken loads of photos to share… of our mountain excursions! I AM quite excited to share them… but… just not now… nor tomorrow either lah!

But then… no photo not so nice, right? So… okay, before I go and rest… this is where we went today…

Looks nice?

And this was last week. Looks nice, too… right??? 🙂

I’ll share more on these places… soooon!!

For now… I am off to zzzzzz land! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Been on an assignment …

  1. I think many places in Switzerland are picture perfect for postcards! Especially if you have a good camera and is a good camera person… which unfortunately I do not have and I am not!


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