Our Italian escapade… a nice start to summer…

The plan to visit Italy this year was mentioned very early on… as far back as late last year… if I remember correctly. But the original idea was to do the trip with the daddy-man (who had mooted the idea of a road trip through Italy) to visit all the beautiful and interesting places in the northern part of Italy, including a visit to the mountain village where he comes from.

I was looking forward to the mentioned road trip as I had always wanted to experience home stays in those small villages in Italy, France or elsewhere. But as we all know… things do not always work according to plan.

We did go to Italy… but not with the daddy-man (who seemed to have had a change of mind about doing the road trip). Instead… we ended up doing two thirds of our Italian holiday… with a former colleague and a friend of mine from Singapore! What a strange twist of event, is it not? But… as long as I managed to go on my Italian escapade… I am one happy woman lah! hehehe šŸ™‚

And so… we had a fantabulous time with beautiful sunny weather during our one week long stay in Italy. We did Rome and part of the Tuscany region with my colleague friend… and then spent the last 3 days in beautiful and mystical Venice, staying at a lovely palazzo which had been converted into a hotel along the Grand Canal.

It was one of our most expensive holidays… but we had a fantastic and very memorable time. So much so that… the hubby is still feeling the psychological after-effects of our Italian escapade… even though he has been to Italy many, many times! hehehe… šŸ˜®

So… before I share in greater detail about some of the places that we went to and the things that we saw during our trip in Italy… here are some photos to whet the appetite!!

[PS feel free to click on the panoramas to make them bigger and enjoy them more fully.]

We left Lausanne very early in the morning, taking the 6.17 am train. So there was some very nice early morning scenery along the lakeside and later on in Valais…

…something that one can only see when one is lucky enough to be at the right place… and at the right moment. I was lucky enough to see several of these picturesque views… before starting to feel sleepy again and I ended up sleeping most of the way to Milan. šŸ™‚

Arriving at Milan main station (Milano Centrale)… where we had to change to another train (the Eurostar Italia – a fast train) that would take us to Rome.

It takes slightly more than 3 hours to reach Milan from Lausanne. The Milano Centrale train station is very beautiful… and so is Milan city. The hubby loves the place… which we visited a few years ago as a day excursion.

From Milan, it takes another 3.5 hours to reach Rome main station (Roma Termini). So the whole train journey took us nearly 7 hours… if we exclude the transit time lah! Not that short… but not too long either… bearable lah!

Finally… arriving in Rome! The hubby with our bags heading towards the exit area.

Now… no trip is memorable without something happening to make it so… no?

So we will always remember our first few hours in Rome for this… hehehe… šŸ™‚

Luckily we were not far from our hotel… so we were able to quickly go back to the hotel so that the hubby could change to another pair of shoes. Fortunately he had another 2 pairs!

Okay… more about our stay in Rome later.

So… what are some of the memorable highlights of our short Italian escapade?

Choosing the Spanish Steps or Piazza di Spagna as our place of rendezvous with my former colleague friend. The place was teeming with so many people and it was such a hot day… that I felt like an ice cream about to melt while we tried to find each other in the crowd!

Visiting the gardens of Villa d’Este at TivoliĀ for the very first time… the place is so beautiful and relaxing. With all the greenery and fountains everywhere, I felt cool despite the hot sunny day!

I was not expecting to see this in Rome… but the hubby made sure that we went to see it… even though very briefly.

Visiting the beautiful region of Tuscany for the very first time… and…

I was fortunate enough to catch a parade (before the palio) in the streets of Siena… where we stayed… on our first day there. The atmosphere in Siena that day was fantastic!!

I did not remember seeing this when I visited Venice nearly 20 years ago… but apparently there is a leaning (bell) tower in Venice. Give it a few more years… and maybe it might rival the tower in Pisa!! šŸ™‚

Instead of visiting the island of Burano (which I did the last time I visited Venice)… we spent a few hours on the island of Lido… and found ourselves in what used to be an exclusive beach (established in the 1850s), now open to the public, south of the island.

Now… for all the juicy details and beautiful photos of our trip… you will just have to be a little patient and come back again to read about it…or… you can always subscribe to this blog!! hehehe šŸ˜®

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4 thoughts on “Our Italian escapade… a nice start to summer…

  1. Yes.. but I will feel even more refresh if we can go for short trip or excursion now that summer is here… unfortunately, fasting month is coming… šŸ™‚


  2. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to go there. Our friend enjoyed going to Naples. We hope to go there one day.


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