Bol d’or…from our balcony…

The weather last Saturday alternated between heavy showers and a bit of sun. It certainly kept me very busy… shifting my plants to a covered spot under the awning when the rain became quite heavy and then shifting them back out nearer to the railing when it started to turn a bit sunny so that they would get some sun. I did this at least twice, I think.

Well.. it was a bit troublesome… as the number of plants on my balcony have been slowly but steadily growing… in numbers. But I just had to do so… as some of them are still just seedlings or in the midst of flowering… and I did not want them to die or lose their flower buds as a result of the onslaught of heavy downpour!! Certainly not after I had spent many hours growing them!

So… with all the shifting actions on the balcony… that was how the hubby and I happened to see some action on Lac Léman, too!

That’s right… last weekend was the  73rd edition of Bol d’or, a regatta held on Lac Léman in June every year that takes competitors from Geneva to Le Bouveret (a small town at the end of the lake) and back to  Geneva. This year it was held on 17, 18 and 19 June. Too bad that the weather during the weekend (except for Sunday) was not good at all… but still the show(race) must go on lah!

And no… given the lousy weather… we did not make our way down to the lake side to see the race up close. But since we have a very good view of Lac Léman from our balcony… we just watched it for a bit from a far lah! Maybe not as exciting… but still it was awesome to see so many boats (477 of them, according to Banque Mirabaud, the Geneva private bank which is the race’s sponsor) on the lake… at one glance! 🙂

And as usual…  the camera soon swung into action, too! hehehe 🙂 Here are the shots…

I know it is too small to see the boats at all in this picture… even though we saw them quite well with our naked eyes from our balcony.  It was just to give you an idea of the spread of the boats on Lac Léman — you can see the whole route on this page from the sponsor’s website. But if you peer very closely, you can pick out some white looking dots on the lake which are actually the sails of the boats.

Okay… here is a closer shot… with a nice view of France in the background.

And… an even closer shot of the boats on the lake… (with Evian in the background)…

and another.

Alinghi, the boat that won the America’s Cup in 2003 and 2007, won this event in 6 hours and 45 mins, setting a new time record. This is the 6th time that Ernesto Bertarelli and his team have won the Bol d’Or  since their last victory back in 2004. Well, it probably helps that Mr Bertarelli, who is the owner of Alinghi, is a billionaire and Switzerland’s second richest man after the owner of Ikea!


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