An afternoon in Lutry …

Last Saturday, more than a year after having moved to our flat here… we finally welcomed the hubby’s younger brother and his wife to our ‘no longer new’ home. hehehe… 🙂

It was not that we had not invited them before… but they could not make it when we first invited them several months ago. But now that they have finally managed to come to visit us in Lausanne… maybe we will get them to come back for other visits. After all, Geneva (where they live) is only about 40 minutes’ drive from Lausanne. And… we have yet to show them the stunning 360° view from La Tour de Sauvabelin… which is just nearby. So… we’ll keep that for their next visit lah. 🙂

After treating them to an Asian meal for lunch… cooked by no one other than yours truly, naturally :-)… we took them to Lutry, that very picturesque small old town beside Lac LĂ©man (or Lake Geneva as it is mistakenly called in English). The idea was to go out for a little walk, taking them through the (mostly) cobbled streets of the old town of Lutry and showing them the Peruvian restaurant that we had seen there on our previous visits since the brother’s wife hails from the country of the Incas. But… it was also a very nice area to spend the end of our little excursion by the lakeside sipping drinks.

So…if in the previous entry, I shared the beautiful lake view as we strolled along Lac LĂ©man near Lutry… this time, I’ll share more of the buildings and streets of Lutry, instead.

Below are pictures as we entered into the old town… (to see them better, you can click on them!)

The road besides the carpark, which marks the beginning of the old town, called Terreaux. The lake side is just further down this road… about 5 minutes on foot.

I simply adore the sight of vine and plant covered houses! The hubby would like to add that the façades of the houses here at Terreaux were built incorporating the 10 metre high wall that used to protect the village (burgum) in the Middle Ages. They are therefore not as old as some of the other houses behind them in rue Verdaine. Note that the terrace-like garden on this picture and on the one just above were part of the mediaeval defensive structure too, called braie or terre-plein  in French (earthen mound). Since then, they have been converted into garages, shops or even into extra housing space.

One of the interesting features of these old houses is the window with the pulley at the top of the house… this one with the pulley apparently still left untouched… and unused. In the old days, the pulley was used to pull up ballots of grains, straw and other foodstuff into the building. (If you look inside the open window, you will notice the wooden  framework of beams visible in the picture on the right. Quite a nice feature, no?)

You will be able to see more of such windows… if you look closely at the pictures of the old town, below.

An old rustic looking stone farmhouse… with a nice wide window. I love the window decoration (right picture). Strangely, it must be one of the only buildings left in the old town not to have undergone what we call in Singapore an ‘upgrading’ as the walls of this farmhouse display the rough, almost coarse, greyness typical (so says the hubby) of the façades of 19th century farm buildings that have not been revamped.

Note the metal, flag-like sign on the far left, probably displaying the coat of arms of the family which built the house. There are many such signs sticking out of houses in Lutry.

Another very old house in the old town, probably the oldest still standing, the so-called ‘Cloister’. The design of the window (with a pointed arch, accolade in French) is typical of houses built in the 16th century. The door was opened that day… and so I could not resist taking a peek inside… even though the hubby and his family had already left the area! It still has an old well inside the courtyard… although no longer in use since the bucket used to draw water now serves as a plant pot… very quaint!!

Another old, interesting looking building in the old town, which (the hubby explains) served as the gate to the western courtyard of the Château (castle) and dates back to the 16th century. The Château now houses the local police station as well as various government and administrative departments of the commune of Lutry. Note the decorative gargoyle heads above the gate, ending each of the eight consoles bearing the machicolated overhanging structure, and the coat of arms in the middle.

The courtyard inside with a wooden balcony (also believed to date back to the 16th century) filled with flowers and display boards below for various notices pertaining to commune-related topics.

Some of the narrow buildings inside the old town…

…with equally small and narrow alleys in between them. The last one on the right even has an old well in the alley!

While most of these old buildings are still used for residential purposes… some have been tastefully converted into shops, studios, cafĂ©s and restaurants.

Next… pictures of the narrow and cobbled streets in the old town..

And lastly… pictures taken along the lakeside of Lutry’s old town…

Errr… but before that… picture of the Peruvian restaurant called CafĂ©-restaurant du LĂ©man (the one lighted up at the end of this street as this picture was taken during our earlier trip to Lutry when the hubby was thinking of going for a swim). The restaurant looks across Place de Halles towards the harbour of Lutry.

One of the many cafés along the lake side of Lutry.

Buildings with grape vines creeping on their walls. I wish I could have grape vine creeping along my balcony railing! Imagine… after having a meal on the balcony, I just have to walk 1-2 steps to pick a bunch of grapes for dessert! Ohhhhh… I just love such a thought!!!! 🙂

More houses and flats along the lake side…

… with green and flowering plants creeping all over.

As I said before, I simply adore this!! 🙂

Having a drink at HĂ´tel Restaurant le Rivage… situated along the lake. Besides the beautiful lake view…

I was equally impressed with the hill view of Lavaux in the background on the other side. Very picturesque, is  it not?

Some of the smaller details that I noticed in Lutry… (clock-wise) the beautiful hanging signs seen all over the old town, the equally interesting hanging lamp posts (this one in the shape of what looks like a monkey!), a water-spouting monkey (an animal which with the inhabitants of Lutry are associated, apparently) as wall dĂ©cor for one of the restaurants (interesting choice of water fountain :-)) and…  fondue pots serving as plant pots at one of the cafĂ©s (I loikeee!!).

And not forgetting the fantastic lake view from Lutry!!

So… I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of Lutry.

If you do, well… maybe you can click the like button below… so that I will know and… of course, be motivated to share more of such places in Switzerland and elsewhere lah! hehehe 🙂

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8 thoughts on “An afternoon in Lutry …

  1. Ok, let us try to meet one day, just the two of us. I had just sent you an FB request, so that it is easier to make some arrangement later.
    By the way, I am glad that you managed to find the stuff you need at Aubonne. I had hoped to go but Paul was quite busy at the office and so we decided not to go after all. I have been here 4 years, and still have yet to try skiing, not for lack of wanting to do so! One winter, I hope to try, even if only to find out whether I like it or can do it. But Paul is worried that it might be more dangerous for us since we are no longer exactly as agile as we were …. hhhmmmm years ago! hehehe …


  2. Yes, I would love to meet up! I am sure we can arrange something one day, before the school holidays starts…difficult to have a conversation with the two kids around lol… I read your post about the menhir….I must go and see! It is so beautiful now, with the leaves changing colours. Went to Outlet Aubonne last Fri, and got ski trousers, basketball and a few other things….loved the 20% discount on top the the discount already given….thanks soooo much to you and Paul for the tip, would never have known about the 1st Fri of the month discount if not for the two of you…. came home one very happy lady :)). Went to rent skis for the kids at Villeneuve today….am still trying to decide if I should try skiing myself, hahah, me and my old bones…and bad coordination!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Hi SL,

    Really sorry for this late reply. Hope you had a good weekend, although today’s weather is not very good. You are lucky to be given the opportunity to stay in Switzerland (even if it is only for 2-3 years) as it is such a beautiful country … and even luckier to be living near Lutry as it is a very nice area with a beautiful old town.
    Now, do not forget to check out the menhirs stone not far from the bus stop, if you are visiting the old town in Lutry. And now is also the best time to check out Lavaux, the vineyards that stretches after Lutry for some beautiful autumn colour. We brought Paul’s parents and his visiting English cousin to Lavaux last autumn and they really liked it there. If you have not read the entry that I did on their visit, you can check it out here to see the beautiful photos of the area.
    I would love to meet up with you, too. So maybe we can try to arrange something one day, okay? Have a good week ahead!


  4. Hi Paul and CT, I didn’t realize you both left me replies so many months ago!! Thank you for the warm welcome….this blog entry will be my tour guide to Lutry….gosh, I didn’t know Lutry had such a lovely Old Tow, although I was awestruck by the fact that the municipal office (went there to inform them I had arrived in Lutry) was situated in such a beautiful old building (I think it is the chateau?)…. I would love to bump into both of you one day :))….and also your Malaysian Chinese friend….I am here in your beautiful country as my husband was transferred by the company…we will be here for 2 – 3 years.


  5. Hello Liew,

    Just like what my hubby had said, welcome to Suisse! Aren’t you the lucky one to be moving to Lutry, soon. It is a beautiful place and I am sure that you will love it, as do the hubby and I. And thanks for the nice word on this blog. Your continuous visit to this blog would be much appreciated! Just a question, are you studying here, working here or moving here for good? Who knows we might bump into each other when you are in Lutry! 🙂


  6. Welcome to Switzerland! Lucky you, Lutry is such a nice little town (it cannot really be described as a village any more) and you might even bump into a Malaysian Chinese I knew in my university days who, I think, still lives there. May you enjoy a pleasurable process of acclimatisation to what is really a great (but small) country.
    The hubby


  7. I am a Malaysian, arrived in Switzerland last week, currently staying in Orbe and will be moving to Lutry in Nov. Your blog is so informative, keep up the good work….will be checking into your blog ever so often as I slowly acclimatize myself from Msian/Asian living to Swiss living :p.


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