As seen in Lausanne… a small flotilla in the park of Mon Repos…

During the free museum day on 4 June, not only did we go to mudac and Musée historique de Lausanne to see the exhibitions in these two museums (plus catching two choir performances as part of the 3rd Swiss Festival of Children and Youth Choirs)… we also somehow managed to catch an open air exhibition (unintentionally, of course) when we went to the park of Mon Repos to have our lunch that afternoon!

Wahhh… what an artistically eventful day we had that first Saturday of June, don’t you think? 🙂

And here is what we saw at the park of Mon Repos… while we had our lunch there and enjoyed the scenery…

The entrance to the park of Mon Repos, which is located not far from the métro station in Bessière… and still within walking distance to mudac and the Cathedral of Lausanne where we were that day.

We didn’t notice the objects on the green grass when we first entered the park… not until we saw somebody trying to take some shots of the objects on the grass. And what were the objects /exhibits?


A small flotilla… placed (strategically, I am sure) across the green grass of the park not far from the entrance. The small canoes give the impression of drifting calmly along a bright, but peaceful sea of green… don’t you think so?

To mark the 20th anniversary of ‘Espace d’une Sculpture‘, which has seen the work of 2 artists exhibited in the open air from April to the end of September first in Lausanne, then also in Nyon over the last twenty/fifteen years… several open air exhibitions (4 in Lausanne, one in Nyon, one in Yverdon) are being held until 2 October under the aegis of visartevaud. Under the umbrella name of ‘Aux yeux de tous‘ (which can be  translated loosely as ‘Under everybody’s gaze’ or, probably better, as ‘Which can be seen by everybody’)… these open air exhibitions bring together 30 artists whose work is supposed to be emblematic of the work presented over that period of time with each ‘Espace d’une Sculpture (spatial/temporal space for sculpture).

According to the leaflet promoting the event, the purpose of ‘Aux yeux de tous‘ is… to explore the interactions between sculptures (as objects of art) and their surroundings… be these a park, a lawn, a square or an open space in front of a castle, as they are used daily by people.

One of 15 canoes on display at Parc Mon Repos, Lausanne

Kanus, the ensemble of 15 canoes made of corrugated iron which seem to be drifting towards the onlooker (and therefore also towards the lake as if they were some kind of herd caught in the process of migrating), is the work of the Swiss artist Bruno Sutter.

And… given my very simplistic appreciation of art…  I merely found the above exhibits interesting and a nice addition to the park landscape on that beautiful Saturday afternoon. But… as usual the hubby saw the exhibits very differently from me lah..hehehe 🙂

To him… the canoes on the lawn are highly suggestive of art’s evocative, semantic or even its cathartic power whatever the coarseness/simplicity of the form used, whatever the surroundings the object of art is placed in. Wahhhh… soo cheem lah… how did he manage to see that when I did not?! 🙂 🙂

pssst: I think you can guess which bits he wrote in this entry, no? 🙂

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