Cherries and wild strawberries…at Mont Sauvabelin…

So… as I had mentioned in the previous post… the hubby and I discovered something else that day when we went walking through the woods of Mont Sauvabelin.

Since we were already near the area where we had earlier discovered the wild strawberries (about 500m away from the wooden hall in the direction of the swimming pool of Bellevaux)… the hubby suggested that we went and pick some more strawberries. I was only too happy to go along with THAT suggestion, of course! hehehe 🙂

And… it was while we were walking towards the area where the wild strawberries grow that we unwittingly discovered that… there were also several cherry trees that grow not far from the wooden hall!! What a truly pleasant surprise… especially for me lah, since I am a sucker for such things that grow in the wild! 🙂

Unfortunately… the cherry trees were all so high… so we could not pick them! Otherwise… I think I might have gone crazy with the cherry picking… since we still have not gone to the parents… and so are more likely to miss the cherries that have ripened in their garden altogether! Ai sey man… what a pity… for me lah (of course)!

But still… it was nice to know that if we really want some free cherries, we could always go there and try to find ways to pluck them. Hmmm… maybe we might have to come with a long pole… like what I used to use when trying to pluck rambutans that are unreachable back at my grandparents’! But only if we are so thick skin to do so lah… which we are not, of course!! 🙂

The cherries that had fallen to the ground… which gave us the clue that there must be cherry trees in the area!

True enough… we saw cherries when we look up to the tree above us.

And they were all very ripe, too.. as you can see from their colour!

Too bad they were just too high and out of our reach! (You can see the wooden hall in the background… partially hidden by the trunk of a tree.)

Just a few metres away… there were more cherry trees… and just as high! argghhh…..

The cherries here have not ripened like the ones we saw earlier… but looking just as tempting. Don’t you just hate it… when things are so close but yet unreachable?

So… since we could not reach these red cherries as they were so high from the ground… we made our way to look for the other little red fruit which is definitely growing closer to the ground… the wild strawberries!!

There were more strawberries that had ripened that day. And… what made me very happy that day with our strawberry picking… was that the hubby found some alpine strawberries which are much bigger than the ones that we had seen before during our last visit.

How big? Well… maybe not as big as the commercial strawberries… but definitely bigger than the usual wood or alpine strawberries that we had seen before or the ones grown on our balcony!

So… guess what did I do?

Well… I decided not to pick these strawberries even though they were ripe. Instead… I asked the hubby to help me to pull the whole clump of that strawberry plant so that I could bring it home!! hehehe…

In fact… we found two such strawberry plants with slightly bigger berries… which made me one very happy woman, that day! 🙂

The wild strawberries that the hubby and I picked on that day… and the two strawberry plants that we brought home. They look really pretty and yummy, no?

See… the fruits are bigger than the other ones that we had picked earlier… and especially to the ones that I have at home…

One of the strawberry plants that I had picked during the earlier wild strawberry picking trip with hubby which has smaller fruits. The strawberry that was attached to the plant continues to ripen even though I did not replant it until a few days later. Amazing!

The bounty from our latest wild strawberry picking trip… with their place of origin (wood of Sauvabelin) in the background.

Hopefully, by this time next year… the hubby and I will get to enjoy the strawberries from these plants! Is that not something to look forward to? 🙂

(In case you didn’t know… you can click on the photos to see them in larger size).

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