Taking a walk through the wood…from Sallaz…

It was a public holiday here in Switzerland, last Thursday (2 June)… called the Ascension Day. So… since he was not working, the hubby decided to take me to the polyclinic at CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) to see about the pain on my right wrist that day… not realising that the polyclinic was closed on public holidays…ai sey man!

So… since we could not see the doctor that day… we ended up doing a bit of walking, instead.

From CHUV, which is two métro stops away from our place, we walked downhill to the next métro stop called Ours where there is an indoor swimming pool. I had thought that we would be going back home after that… but while we were on the métro, the hubby suggested that we stopped at Sallaz (one stop away from our place) to do some more walking from there!

Well… since the weather that day was not bad (it has been raining off and on for the past two weeks or so)… I agreed.  I had assumed that we would just be walking up hill towards home… but when we arrived in Sallaz, the hubby had another idea. Instead of walking straight home… we ended up walking through the wood not far from the métro station!  Oh là là

But it was a nice walk… especially with all the greenery… and I enjoyed it very much. However, it also turned out to be a walk of discovery… as we had a pleasant surprise when we reached the other end of the wood.

What was the surprise? Well… you have to follow the photos below to find out lah… hehehe 🙂

The métro station at Sallaz.

We had to pass through the small gravel path besides the steel fence to get to the wood beyond.

Going up the staircase that would take us into the wood.

We are now inside the wood.

It was beautiful inside the wood.

I just loved all the green that surrounded us…

… and I could not help but recall the times when I used to walk through the woods during holiday visits to my grandparents in Malacca.

Those were the days… especially when I see a small rivulet like this… as they also had something like this but slightly wider… in their rubber estate not far from their house.

Does it not seem calm and soothing to you?

Well… it was really very peaceful and quiet.

And the only sound that we heard was just that of the birds chirping noisily… other than us talking to each other, that is! 🙂

But then… we soon started to hear music… which became louder and louder… as we came out of the path (on the right).

So we followed the sound of music… and voilà… what did we find after walking through the woods from Sallaz (which we actually see from our balcony/windows) for about 20 mins?!


… we had actually arrived at… a place that looked so familiar to us!

Remember this place?

Oui... Non… ?

Well… if you don’t… why don’t you try clicking here… to jog that memory of yours. 🙂

That’s right… we had arrived at the wooden hall where the registration and the prize giving ceremony for the Mont Sauvabelin Tower run was held… about 3 weeks ago! How about that!

But this time round, the hall was used for a festive celebration by the Spanish community in Lausanne called Festa do Pemento.

We decided to be a kaypoh (busybody) and went in to take a look… but didn’t stay long. We refused the offer to play their raffle but instead bought a drink as a show of support. It was really nice, though… to see some of them dressed in their national costumes. And with all the Spanish that was being spoken in the hall… it did not feel as if we were in Switzerland at all! hehehe 🙂

The hubby was very very happy with our new discovery… because he now has another route to do his running… especially one that will take him to the wooden tower at Mont Sauvabelin, which he lurves very much!

But… that was not all that we discovered that evening. There was another thing that we (or rather I) discovered growing not far from that wooden hall (called halle des fêtes or even cantine here)  in Mont Sauvabelin. Something that is as nice as the alpine strawberries that I had earlier discovered growing wild not far from there. 🙂

Eh…what was it?

Hmmm… I tell you in the next post lah, ok? 🙂


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