A balcony with a view… a spot of colour on Lake Geneva…

Despite having lived where we are right now for slightly more than a year, the changing colours and scenes of our surroundings… especially from our balcony… still manage to surprise me. I am constantly enthralled by the beauty of the lake view and the mountain landscape that I see nearly everyday (except when I am away on holiday, of course!)… and it never ceases to amaze me to discover the various changing shades of colour and looks of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) spread before us… and of the sky that is not always blue.

Although we had both a lake view as well as a mountain view also at our old place in Recordon… it is only here… where we have an even bigger and more panoramic view of Lake Geneva and both the Swiss and French Alps… that I have been truly able to observe and discern the changing nuances and shifts in the landscape. And as a result this has made me more appreciative of the beauty that God has created and thankful for what we have been given to enjoy and relish.

I’m sure you must have remembered the different looks of Lake Geneva which I have shared before in earlier entries… like when the full moon was shining on it… or when the orange colours of the sky were reflected throughout the lake during one beautiful sunset… or even when it was covered with mist.

But… this was how Lake Geneva looked like yesterday evening… from our balcony…

Stunning is it not… with one part of the lake glowing so beautifully in contrast to the rest of the lake.

You can really see the orangey sky being reflected so clearly on Lake Geneva.

I really lurve the spot of colour on the lake (as if some giant hand had applied some strokes on the canvas of Lake Geneva)… and the sky, too… of course! 🙂

And tinges of pink on the sky above the mountains.

But that was yesterday’s look…

… this morning… this was how the mountains had looked like from the balcony.

After the heavy rain last night, the mountains were partially shrouded in mist… (quite pretty, I thought) …

… which somehow reminded me of the steams coming out of volcanic mountains… 🙂

So… what do you think of these latest views from our balcony? Aren’t we blessed? Alhamdullilah… 🙂


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