If you cannot do it by hand…why not with your foot…?

My right wrist still hurts. It felt better after I had it massaged in Singapore…but it has started to hurt again… after we went cycling last week… argghh! I think it must be because of the humps and the bumps that I subjected my wrist to… especially when we went through the woods. It did hurt especially when I went a little too fast downhill over some bumps and uneven patches of the tracks in the woods. Sighhh… we were looking forward to more bicycle excursions this spring and summer… but apparently this might not be the wisest thing to do, for now.

And in case you wonder what exactly happened to my wrist which seems to be taking… forever to heal… it seems that what I had thought to be just a sprained wrist several months ago or maybe carpal tunnel syndrome from overplaying with my handphone game and use of tiny mouse for internet… turned out to be something else. I was surprised to learn that somehow… I had managed to dislocate my wrist bone. Ai sey man… that’s not a  very good thing to happen at this age… when the bone is more fragile… is it? 😦

Well… it was getting better after the massages I had in Singapore to re-align the wrist bone back into place… but since I have hurt it again with the cycling… there is no choice but to go and see the doctor, now. I hope it will heal fully after that… because it is becoming quite frustrating not being able to do something without hurting the wrist! Even a simple act of using the scissors to cut hurt! Arggghh….. But then housework must be done… and so does internet-ing!

Luckily… the hubby was very nice and understanding… especially about the importance of the internet in our daily lives. So… besides relieving me from doing anything that deals with heavy items… he also went searching on the internet looking for gadgets that will make my internet-ing life easier! hehehe… thank you Ta…you’re the best!! 🙂

So… what did he buy me?

Well… since he believed the current mouse might not be the best model for me… he decided to buy me another one to help alleviate the pain on my wrist. So he bought me…

…a new ergonomic mouse which is more suited for my little hand…

Ergonomic Mouse

creatively named… Ergonomice Comfi! 🙂

They come in different sizes… and this is suppose to be the smallest. Although it does fit my small hand quite well…  it took a bit of getting used to… especially the scroller! I had to learn using the middle finger instead of the index finger to scroll with the new mouse. But now… it’s good… and it is supposed to exert very minimal pressure on the wrist… so its ideal for me.

My new Ergonomice versus the previous ergonomic mouse called Performance mouse MX by Logitech (left) … and (right) the new mouse fitting quite nicely into my hand. It’s really small and compact, is it not? Quite cute… really. 🙂

And… in addition to the new Ergonomice which is ideal for long term use… the hubby also ordered online… something else for me to use while my hand is “out of order” right now.

Now… who said that a mouse has to be manipulated by hand? Let me introduce to you… my very first …

… Foot Mouse and Programmable Pedal…

..Tadaaaa!! hehehe…. 🙂 My new toy when it was still in a box.

And after the hubby had finally fixed them to the computer last weekend. What do you think? The programmable pedal on the left looks like a game controller, no? 🙂

It seems that there are several foot operated mice equivalent devices on the market… but the hubby decided to buy this one for me. Not the model that I was eyeing for… but still cannot be too choosy lah! Especially since he had to order it from the US! And as he had read up quite a lot on the topic and the reviews on the various types of mouse…. I’m sure he would choose one of the best for me!

I have been practising using the foot mouse and pedal since it was installed… but it takes time getting use to them… and also more energy (leg energy, of course) to move and control the cursor and the buttons…. so I have to admit that I would sometimes use my Ergonomice… when I get tired or impatient with the slow pace!!

But the hubby has reminded me that I MUST use the foot mouse and pedal as they were bought especially for me to help alleviate the pain on my wrist! So… okay lah, okay lah… I will use them as much as I can!

Left foot on the programmable pedal… which includes 3 red buttons for left click, right click and double right click; 2 yellow buttons (which can be programmed as shortcuts) as well as a scroller. And right foot on the foot mouse (which allows me to control the cursor). The big foot mouse pad came with the set, of course!

After 4 days… I think I have got the hang of using the scroller and the two red buttons for left and right clicks. The only problem is that I get tired quickly moving and controlling the foot mouse… although the hubby said it will be a good leg exercise for me! Naughty Ta… but quite true lah… 🙂

Of course… the much bigger problem is that… my legs are too short to reach both devices comfortably… which is why lah I get tired using them pretty quickly!!  Will have to look for something higher to put them on! Or find a shorter chair than what we are currently using… so that I can sit comfortably while using the foot mouse.

Despite this setback… I find that using the computer without having to resort to my right hand much is very much of a novelty as well as a pleasant experience, I must say! So… if you are the sort who likes to munch on something while surfing… well… you know now what to get for yourself… to leave the hands free to feed yourself… and the feet for internet-ing!! hahaha 🙂

Actually… besides the two different types of mouse… the hubby was also contemplating buying me a voice recognition software… so that I could just speak and tell the computer what I want to do.

Wahh… I was sooo touched!! Thank you, Ta for your kindness… may God bless you on your generosity… as you shower more and more gifts… on your darling wife!!! hehehe…. 🙂

But… that would have been too expensive lah….and why bother when there is already a free software application that comes with Windows 7 in our computer, no? We tried it… and the verdict? Errr…. it was fun… and can be funny, too (when the computer insisted on hearing you wrongly)… but will take lots of practice to really be able to use it well and exploit all the features that it has to offer. Although… we didn’t have too much trouble telling the computer to open or close a specific programme or launch the internet browser. If you are interested about it… there are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to use the voice recognition software .

This is a nice and funny one, here… which I think will make you understand my apprehension about using them… 🙂

But hei… at least it’s good to know… that there is also that option… if and when I get tired of using both my hands and my feet to work with the computer! muahahaha…..


2 thoughts on “If you cannot do it by hand…why not with your foot…?

  1. Hehehe…but the footmouse is really useful when the wrist is hurting. The good thg is that both mouse, foot and Ergonomice can be used at same time, so depending which part of me is painful or tired, I used either one! 🙂


  2. amboi…lucky u being showered with all those gadgets…but they do look interesting though…


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