Making our way home on foot… from Croisettes

Last Saturday… as usual we did our weekly grocery shopping. We usually either go down hill at a place nearer to town called Caroline which is 4 métro stops away (but which has a much bigger Coop supermarket and so more choices)… or… up hill to Croisettes which has a slightly smaller Coop supermarket but is only 2 métro stops away. However, as I had wanted to buy some soils and plants… we therefore had to go to Croisettes because it also has a small Coop Brico Loisirs, which is the garden and hardware outlet of the Coop supermarket chain.

Although I would dearly luuurve to spend time in the plant and garden section… unfortunately I had to hurry as we were hoping to do our grocery shopping as well… all within one hour. Err…why in one hour? Well… because… we were hoping to use my one hour métro/bus ticket for the return trip as well. Why pay for another ticket if we can try to use the same ticket for return trips, no?

Unfortunately… despite our best effort, we missed the last métro for the hour that was valid for my ticket. And since our place is just 2 métro stops away… the hubby therefore decided that… we were going to walk home… so that… I could have some walking exercise!! What ?!!!

Hmmpppff… naughty, naughty hubby… for saying that I need to exercise!! I’m sure you know what that implied, no? I certainly do not agree with the implication… and would have refused to walk… but… since it would be downhill all the way… and the hubby was the one carrying all the groceries… I decided to be gracious and went along with it. I know, I know… I am too kind! 🙂

Anyway… it was a very nice day… and the view was not bad, either… so… it was not a bad idea to do some walking lah!

Making our way down the hill… after leaving the métro station at Croisettes.

Actually… it would have been faster to go by the main road… but the hubby prefers taking this route so that we would not have to cross any busy roads.

The hubby making his  way down a steep slope… carrying two grocery bags and pulling a shopping trolley as well! Well… my right wrist started to hurt quite bad… after the cycling that we did last week… so I was spared from carrying anything! Lucky me! hehehe 🙂

Passing by an area called Vennes… where construction work is going on… to build a water themed park called AquaEcopôle. It is a major project not only for the area… but also for Switzerland because it will be one of its kind. What is so special about this AquaEcopôle? Well… you can read a bit more about it and even see some pictures of how it will look like once completed from the Lausanne City website. I will try to share more (info and pictures)… after the place is ready to welcome me lah! 🙂

Quite a nice lake and mountain view from this hill… no? In fact… to be honest… it is quite picturesque lah! I was really impressed with the view the first time the hubby brought me to see it.

It was when we were passing by the area below… after the parked vans and the building with parked lorry… that the hubby pointed out something to me… which I had never really noticed when we went past the area a few times before… on foot and on bicycle…

It is a place called COFoP (Centre d’Orientation et de Formation Professionnelles) which is a centre for guidance and professional training… for problem youths under 18 years of age who have difficulties finding what kind of job they want to pursue. There are 15 professional activities being taught in this centre… such as sewing, painting, metalwork, masonry, cooking, etc, etc.

But of course… what caught my interest and made me spent a few minutes snapping away with my small camera were these…

The greenhouses for students learning horticulture… what else!! hehehe…. 🙂

Want to see what’s inside?

Of course… only plants lah! hahaha… but very cheerful and colourful flowering plants! I loikeee….. 🙂

Must be wonderful to be working with all these plants, no?

As for the trees… they are planted outside, of course!

These are rows of apple trees… if I am not wrong. Did not dare to go too near to confirm my assumption… in case I get caught for trespassing! Although… we did not actually see anybody that day… since it was quite late in the evening (about 5.45pm) on a Saturday. But… by the look and shape of the trees… I think they are!

Whereas… these was the main reason for the hubby wanting to show me the area… cherry trees!

I had noticed them on our way back home during Lausanne Bicycle Day, the previous Saturday… when we were walking at the side of a road near the area… and had commented about them to the hubby. Since we were passing near the area again last Saturday, on our way home… he decided to show me this view of the same rows of cherry trees.

Hmmm… so kind of the hubby, no? He even waited while I explored the area a little and took pictures of the plants and trees! Maybe… he was trying to make up… for forcing me to walk home! hahaha… 🙂

This was the view that I first saw… when I passed by the area the previous Saturday. Rows of cherry trees… with the greenhouses hidden from view in the background.

The cherries are not yet ripe. Maybe another 1-2 weeks more… and it will be quite nice to walk near the area to see all the cherries turning a beautiful shade of red!

Talking about cherries… the mum has called to say that their cherries are now a beautiful red colour. Hmmm… I think it’s time to visit the parents… soon! 🙂 I am not much of a cherry lover… but… I do lurrrrve picking them!!


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