A full moon…

On Tuesday night… we had beautiful moonlight streaming into our bedroom in the middle of the night… bright enough to rouse the hubby from his sleep! He tried to take some shots of the beautiful moon with his camera… but… the photos didn’t come out nice, unfortunately… as to be expected.  Usually for such night-time shot… a tripod is a must… otherwise, the photo would just turn out blurry… as I had experienced before. So… since he didn’t use a tripod… of course, all the photos turned out blurry lah!  It was a wasted opportunity as the moon was really big, round, bright and very lovely that night (or to be more accurate… very early morning lah.)

And early this morning… when I woke up to help the hubby prepare for work (as usual)… I could see the beautiful moon, again. Not as nice as the previous morning according to the hubby… but still quite lovely to me… and still round! So, I thought I would try to take some shots of it… with my new camera, instead.

Errr…  the shots didn’t turn out as nice as I hope it would be lah. But since I have taken the photos… I thought I might as well share them. Hopefully during the next full moon… I’ll be able to get a better shot of it.

This was taken around 5.35am.  There was a slight light reflection on the lake… although it is not very noticeable on this shot.

Five minutes later… when clouds passed by.

Full moon over Lake Geneva

I tried again… half an hour later… after the hubby has left for work. By this time, the colour of the skyline has started to change. The skyline is prettier but the moon is no longer as bright… and was nearly hidden by the clouds.

Full moon over Lake Geneva

The moon on the left… and the Tower of Mont Sauvabelin on the right… where we will have a date tomorrow evening! 🙂


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