Morges… in spring…

Yes…yes… I know I was supposed to share on the town of Morges earlier… after the post on its Tulip Festival… but then, since the 20km de Lausanne was a big event for us… especially tor the hubby… so out of deference, I just had to share on that first … instead of continuing with the town itself. And that poor confused little bird incident happened only just yesterday… so I just could not resist writing about it, too.

So now… let us see how the Swiss town of Morges looked like on that beautiful spring Sunday… when we went to see the tulips…. shall we? Well… maybe not the whole town of Morges, as we did not have the time to do long exploration that day… but at least part of the old town… plus… the area not far from the Château du Morgoes (Castle of Morges)… and their lakeside.

But before that… just so you know… Morges is located in the Canton of Vaud… about 10km away from Lausanne (where the hubby and I lived and which is also located in the same Canton)… but is 50 km from Geneva (which is in another Canton.) It is a small town with about 14,000 inhabitants.

It is also known as the small flowery town. I suppose it is not hard to guess why… when you consider the many flower events that it is known for… and which I had only just found out myself, upon reading more about the town! Besides the Tulip Festival in early Spring… there is also the Iris Garden which will start blooming in end May (yup, yup… it will be soon *rubbing my hands in eager anticipation*) followed by day lilies from June-July… and then the Dahlia Lakeside Exhibition in summer starting from July-October. (Oooohhh… my head is spinning with all these flowery events that I am going to attempt to attend! :-))

One of the main streets near the old town… which might not look like a busy street as it was a Sunday!

The hubby beside an old fountain located just beside the roadside…in the same street as above. There were many banners hung above the street to promote and celebrate the Tulip Festival.

And one of the interesting features of this old town in Morges (which was founded in 1206) that I quite adore…. is these quaint looking street lights. So lovely are they not? 🙂

The main pedestrian street in the old town…

… with many wooden tulips placed in between wooden benches. Here, too… you can see a tulip decorated with Swiss and Turkish flags… to symbolise the cooperation between the two countries for the Tulip Festival.

I like the architecture of the buildings in this old town. And I think… even the hubby agreed… that despite being smaller, the old town in Morges looks much nicer than the one in Lausanne. I think their old architectures are better preserved and kept. It is sad to see some of the old buildings in Lausanne being torn down to give way to more modern (but less interesting looking) buildings. It reminds me of what is happening to old buildings in Singapore!!

And… another interesting feature of the old own which I equally like… are these hanging shop signs. I think they are just lovely!!

A hotel called Hôtel de la Couronne (The Crown Hotel)… with a beautiful crown sign hanging!!

One of the more interesting and imposing looking building in the old town.

And this nice looking building which is close to the Lake is none other than… as the sign says.. a Casino! Remarkable huh… considering that Morges is only a very small town. There is a nice restaurant on the other side of the Casino overlooking Lake Geneva… which was quite crowded that afternoon.

While this white building (right photo) with a beautiful Trompe-l’œil on the left side (left photo)… is the Grenier Bernois Centre Culturel (Cultural Centre) which houses among other things… a Municipal Library and a Toy Library!

Heading towards the Lakeside area… with a beautiful view of the mountains (with some snow still on top of some of them)…  across Lake Geneva. I read in their brochure that Morges “has a privileged location, on the shores of Lake Geneva” as it is situated “in front of the majestic Mont-Blanc.”  Well… better late than never (knowing) that I can actually see Mont Blanc from Morges!! Hmmm… if only I know which one it is.


Since it was such a warm and sunny spring day… there were long queues at these ice cream stalls!! Well… we had thought of having ice cream, ourselves… but after seeing the queues… we changed our mind!

The pier at Morges… and the seemingly calm water of Lake Geneva.

View of the two small towers guarding the islet leading into the harbour (often seen on Morges publicity materials)… in the distance.

The same towers… seen from another angle.

A poster promoting the Tulip Festival pasted on the door of a shop at the old town. As you can see… there is a picture of one of the towers in the poster.

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