Checking out Marina Bay Sands, Singapore…

The first weekend that I was back in Singapore… a former colleague and close friend of mine decided to have our reunion meeting at Singapore’s latest iconic landmark, the Marina Bay Sands (MBS), an integrated resort. To be honest, if he hadn’t invited me for brunch, there, I would not have stepped foot on the place. But luckily he did… and I must say that I certainly enjoyed the brunch that we had at one of the cafés there and the little tour that he did… bringing me around… including to a place from which I could peek into the bustling activities inside the casino.

My friend certainly knows his food well… being a keen follower of famous and internationally known chefs… traipsing around the world… to taste the gourmet food cooked by world-famous chefs… in his spare time… when he is not busy being a librarian, that is! So… who says a librarian is a dull geek, huh?? They can be world travellers, too, I have you know! 🙂

Meeting him for a meal is always a discovery for me… not only of the meals we had… but also of the places that he took me to. Places that I never knew exist in Singapore and would have never been to… since I am not much of an eater (always happy to stick to my more familiar food dishes) and so would hardly explore new eating places on my own!

Anyway back to the topic of MBS… and so because of his invitation, I therefore set foot on the much-anticipated… and one of the two integrated resorts in Singapore… known as the Marina Bay Sands. And since I was there, I decided to take some snapshots of it lah. Hei… after all I am now almost a tourist to Singapore, am I not? 🙂

So for those who have yet to step foot into the MBS… (including my sisters and brothers)… here are some photos of this magnificent looking structure… its interior and exterior…

Once upon a time… on a tiny red dot called Singapore… there were only these twin “Durians” (or its less glamorous name The Explanade)… which could be considered an iconic landmark… with its interesting spiky exterior.

But slowly Singapore began to build more iconic buildings with interesting architecture which it could be proud of…. which now include these triple gigantic towers (which according to the hubby upon reading a draft of this entry said that it reminded him of the ancient temple structures that we saw in Malta!). Hmmmm… yes Ta… I know you love Malta… but these are definitely not ancient structures but modern ones… and are actually three luxury hotel towers.

And the pedestrian bridge seen here called the Helix Bridge (formerly known as Double Helix Bridge)… is  claimed to be a world’s first in architectural & engineering bridge design. It is supposed to imitate the structure of DNA.

Another view of The Marina Bay Sands… with the new ArtsScience Museum (in the shape of a palm) on the left.

We had thought of visiting the Museum after our brunch but after realising how much the ticket entry cost… decided not to… especially since more than half the day was already gone by that time. Errr… maybe I might have to check it out when next I come back with the hubby. But I must remember to be there early… to make it worth the cost of the entry fee!

The Sands SkyPark Observation Deck located at the top of the towers and which stands at 200m high in the sky… offering a spectacular and panoramic view of the marina, harbour and beyond. But such stunning view does not come cheap. How much it cost…?? Well, you can check it out yourself here. It will also tell and show you a bit of what you can expect to see. Maybe yet another itinerary that I might do when the hubby is visiting as well… if I can conquer my fear of being on a high building!

Inside the building… with its numerous glass panes.

Besides luxury hotels, the MBS also houses gourmet dining (like the row of restaurants above which, I was told by a reliable source, are famous names in fine dining), top designer boutiques, versatile meeting and exhibition facilities… plus non-stop entertainment… including Singapore’s second casino.

But what attracted me as one of the most interesting features of MBS… is this inverted water fountain called, Rain Oculus, designed by Ned Kahn, an American. You can either view it from the outside (did you notice the people surrounding the fountain above, on the picture on the left?)… or from the inside. It is so mesmerising to see the swirling water pushing through the small hole to fall into a pool below. But the inverted fountain is not filled with water all the time. I was lucky, however, to have passed by the area when it was so and got to see it.

As it looks from far… with the water canal below. For those who cannot go to Venice to experience its gondola ride and passing under the many bridges in the famous city… well… can always try it here. Much much cheaper than paying the cost of the flight ticket to Venice… but then, no handsome Venetians to row and sing love song for you lah…  hehehe. 🙂

View of Singapore skyline can be seen very clearly through the glass panes, from inside the building.

And the place where we had brunch… called TWG (The Wellness Group)… which sits across the man-made canal. A beautiful and delightful setting.  And as we were there for brunch… we therefore managed to avoid the lunch-time crowd. I learnt that the TWG (which was established in Singapore) is known for serving luxury tea. So… what better way to enjoy tea than either during tea-time…or at brunch time, don’t you think?

And here’s what I had with my pot of tea… vegetable quiche as the main entry (on the left) and a sweet dessert which was highly recommended by the waiter, much, much later. Both were very, very good.

And in between the two… we had English scones… the main purpose for having brunch, there. The scones came complete with cream and jam (of our choice). Oh… yes… the scones are really, really good, too. Thanks to my good friend David for this delicious treat!

And then the quick peek into the casino, there.

One of the several entrances to the casino in the building. And no… we did not go inside the casino. There are more pleasurable ways to spend the afternoon than gaming away at Singapore’s second casino, we both felt. But… my friend decided to let me have a peek inside… via a secret route known only to those who patronise those exclusive and expensive restaurants, there! Oh là là… I feel privileged, indeed! 🙂

Unfortunately… there was a clear sign saying… no camera!! Okay… so no camera… just handphone then. So… as you can see the picture quality is not very good. But still it was quite interesting to see all these people trying their luck hoping to get rich!!

It looks like a beautiful curly design… but they are actually the gaming tables and the lights above the tables.

It is quite fascinating to watch the buzz of activities there… filled with many happy people and hopeful winners-to-be. But as you know… there are always more sad stories than successful ones when it come to gambling.

And then… about a week later, my sister and her hubby kindly agreed to stop by the area as we were passing near… on our way back from the IT show at Suntec City… so that I could see it at night (which I was told can be quite beautiful).

True enough… it was really magnificent, especially since we were lucky to be there when the light show was on. It was a delightful surprise…

The colourful lights emitted from the top of the 3 towers.

And the colourful play of lights on the buildings below… mesmerising…

Even the Helix Bridge and the ArtsScience Museum were bathed in beautiful colours. Despite the slight drizzle that night… I was grateful to have caught the light show even though I totally missed on the water show, as I was not aware that it came with a water show as well. If you want to know when you can catch these light and water spectacular displays called Wonder Full… click here. It is free, by the way! 😉


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