Spending a Good Friday afternoon near Nyon…

I was supposed to share about my visits to Singapore and the Tulips Festival in Morges… but with the wrist still hurting and problems uploading some of the photos that I took in Singapore (I could not find the cable for uploading the pictures from my handphone to the computer)… somehow these entries just did not get done.

But since we are in the midst of the Easter weekend, I thought I would share first about what we did on Good Friday this year before writing the rest of the back entries… so please bear with me, ok? (This is why I am just an amateur journalist lah, hehehe :-))

So… last year if you had read my earlier post on the same subject, we spent the Good Friday holiday tidying up our old place for visitors who were coming to view the flat for possible take over. But this year we get to spend it at a place called Crans-près-Céligny near Nyon where the hubby’s younger sister lives. Not exactly to celebrate the Good Friday… but for a belated birthday celebration of her daughter who had turned 6 a few days earlier.

It was a gorgeous sunny day…very warm indeed, with temperature almost hitting the 30s! We were told that when the birthday girl was born 6 years ago, it was snowing with a snow of almost 15cm deep! Hmm….a clear sign of global warming, I’ll say!!

And… because it was quite warm… I chose to do like what other typical Singaporeans would do… spend most of my time under the shade lah! kahkahkah…

Okay… enjoy the photos…

Good Friday 2011

We were greeted by this giant egg upon our arrival at the train station in Nyon… where the parents were waiting for us. Do you see the little boy checking it out?

It was actually an advertisement gimmick for an Easter egg competition by one of the big local supermarket chains called Migros. One is supposed to hunt and look for other giant Easter eggs to increase one’s chances of winning. Each of these giant eggs has a code number which one can sms or send via postcard for a chance to win one of the prizes offered.

And upon reaching the sis-in laws’ place I was pleasantly surprise to see…

Good Friday 2011

these simple but beautiful Easter decorations on her front door.

Good Friday 2011

The door and wall decorations.

Good Friday 2011

Since it was such a warm sunny day….the two children decided to have a bit of water fun before meal time… under the hubby’s watchful eye.

Good Friday 2011

The birthday girl…flat out… after her fun in the water.

Good Friday 2011

In the early stages of laying the table. In keeping with tradition (on a warm sunny day)… we had our meal outside on the terrace… of course!

But as it was really hot to eat under the sun… we had the shade (seen on the left) opened to provide some respite from the strong glare of the sun.

Good Friday 2011

See…even Kennel, the family tabby knew how to keep cool… by resting under the shade … Cute huh? 🙂

Good Friday 2011

After the meal… it was time for the birthday girl to check out her presents. (On the left) trying out one of the two play dresses (complete with a hat) sewn by the very resourceful and creative grandma. Little Juju looked really nice and cute in it. (On the right) checking out the paper fan and handbag that we got her. Unfortunately…we got her shoe size wrong….so that will have to be KIVed until a later date!

Good Friday 2011

The birthday girl peeking at the birthday card which we decided to write in both French and English…

And of course it being a Good Friday… some Easter chocolates to share, too.

So this year we had a bit more excitement on Good Friday. We decide to stay home today to do some house cleaning… but will go to the parents’ tomorrow on Easter Monday for a meal.  Hmm… I wonder how the parents’ garden looks like now in spring…???


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