Too fast… too soon…

That’s how it feels when one is having a great time. My three weeks sojourn back home to the sunny island called Singapore … seemed to have passed faster than the Japanese bullet train. And here I am back in … thankfully equally sunny and spring(y) … Lausanne … and already thinking when I can go back for home visit, again! 🙂

I had been as busy as a bee while back in Singapore … going to one place after another, running errands and meeting people. And nearly everyone that I met seemed to be trying their best to fatten me up. And they succeeded, too … shucks!!! For the first time in my more than 40 years of living … I have successfully gone beyond 50 kg! No wonder my jeans feel so tight. In fact, I could not even fit into some of my jeans, now!! Drats!!

Oh my … it will be an uphill task to shed all the excess weight that I had managed to bring home from Singapore. Certainly not as easy as unpacking my ‘exceeded weight limit’ baggage.  Oh yes, I came home with an extra bag which I borrowed from my sister … plus an extra stuff to hand carry. So coming back … I had one very big and heavy suitcase, one medium-sized sports bag, one small hand carry bag, my handbag … plus … a long bundle of cinnamon sticks which are more than half my length in size (present for the mum from my eldest sis). And all these … I managed with my right wrist in a bandage! Thankfully the hubby was waiting at the airport to relief me of my loads (… and no excess baggage surcharge either since the flight was not full … phew!)

What’s with the bandage wrist? Well … I will share more about that later lah.

I certainly love to share more about my trip back home … and the place the hubby took me on Sunday … but for now … cannot write too much or too long with the wrist as it is.

In the meantime … I leave you with the following pictures of the things that I will be sharing soon.

Managed to see and explore a bit of Singapore’s latest iconic building since The Durian (The Esplanade) … The Marina Bay Sands … and even get to see a glimpse of the casino, the focal point of this integrated resort. I have to admit that I was impressed with it … the building, that is …. not the casino! Even managed to see it at night time, which I thought looked really magnificent with all the lights … especially when I happened to be there while there was a kind of light show going on. Was I lucky or what? 😉

I told the hubby that I would try to visit this place, a special exhibit (which coincided with my visit) … unfortunately … I could not find time to fit a visit to see its interior. What a pity … but if you are curious to see what it is and how it looks like inside, will share more about it and the link in the next posting.

And it was also amazing to see some of the new shopping centres that had sprung up … on the tiny red dot called Singapore since my last trip back. But interestingly … while I certainly did lots of shopping (besides eating) while I was there … the bulk of my shopping were done at the heartland shops! Aren’t the hubby lucky or what!? 🙂 Never been much of a branded kind of gal … even though I could afford them … so it made transition to a non-working life much easier when I don’t have as much to spend as before!

And then … two days after coming back from Singapore, I asked the hubby to take me  to see the Fête de la Tulipe …

… in a nearby town called Morges. Never realized all this time that there was this annual Tulip Festival just right next door! But better late than never (finding out), I’ll say! 😉

The tulips were really beautiful!

Err … not these. These are those found on the garden of the Korean neighbour down below. They are quite pretty, too … but the ones at the Independence Park in Morges … were even lovelier to see.

How lovely?

How about this lovely? One of my favourites among the many tulip blooms, there. The hubby prefers the bright orange coloured ones, though.

So, all these … akan datang (coming soon), ok? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Too fast… too soon…

  1. Itu pun, I skimp on the foodstuff…didn’t buy all that I wanted…and had to leave behind some of the farewell gifts from my ex colleagues. Otherwise lagilah ter over exceeded!


  2. wow…bnyk betul shopping…but can’t deny it…my luggage also exceeded the weight limit 😦


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