Quota for the day…

Oh boy…can’t believe I have been back for 3 days now… and soon… week 1 of the holiday will be over! Argghh….

What have I been up to?? Well…. I have managed to meet my bestie before she returns to Brunei tomorrow,  my housing agent, my new tenants, did some shopping… plus… making a number of calls to fix appointments and settle some stuff.

And… satisfying some of my food cravings, of course! Everything looks so finger-licking delicious… that I really had to force myself to take it easy!!  Oh yes… it had been tough not to try to binge on all the delicious food that I had been missing… these past 3 days! But I tried…. my best… I think 🙂 

Still… I don’t dare think of the amount of excess weight that I will have at the end of my visit. Not just from the extra weight of my fully loaded luggage… but also… from the excess fats and calories in my body!! kahkahkah 🙂

Just as I am having it tough trying to control my appetite and cravings, here… so are my sister and her family! Unlike me, they all have a sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolates. No matter how many chocolates I brought them… it would not take long for them to demolish through the chocolates supply!

Sooooo… how to make sure that the chocolates would last for as long as possible? Easy does it… by introducing a quota system!! Oh yes… they all have a chocolate quota for the day.

And … what is the current quota?


… not more than 2 chocolate bars and 2 chocolate balls per person per day!

I have heard of many types of quotas…. but this is the first for chocolate quota! 🙂 Well… whatever works… and it certainly seems to be working in this family… because everyone sticks to their daily quota!

Still… can’t help but wonder if the chocolates will last as long… as the duration of my stay, here! Hmmm….


4 thoughts on “Quota for the day…

  1. Sorry for not responding earlier..had been super busy. One more day to go and yet still a few thgs to do and people to see! I truly enjoyed our day together & was very glad to be able to catch up with Bed, too, recently. Have also just found out that I had dislocated my wrist bone, which explains the pain… so hoping to be able to cram one more hand massage session before flying back tomorrow night. As for Brunei, it ain’t over until it truly is…so just pray for it. I look forward to our next outing…whenever that is! 🙂


  2. Hi dearie,
    I sure had a good time with u dat day though I wish it could be longer. Don’t know when we will get to meet up again…cos i still don’t know whether we will be extending our stay here in Brunei…heard that the chances are super slim 😦


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