All misty…after the snow…

Hmmm….seemed that the snowy weather in Lausanne, Geneva and in France (where the in-laws are staying)…did not last very long, yesterday. By evening….slowly but surely…the snow started to melt…after the snowfall stopped in late morning. But… it was nice while it lasted.

And early this morning, as I made my way home after spending the night at the in-laws last night…I saw that it was very misty when the métro approached Sallaz, the station just before ours. I think I have never experienced as much mist….until I stay in our current place. Definitely not in Singapore…and neither did we have any at our previous flat near to the city centre. But living here…up (above) the city centre, we seemed to get quite a lot of misty days especially in autumn and winter. Although it usually gets misty in the morning…but there were some days when it got misty in the afternoon or in the late evening. Regardless…just like the snow, I like it when it happened. And it felt really nice walking through the mist this morning.

And… I look forward to many more of such walks…in the future…at least while we are still living here 🙂

Okay…you can see here how misty it was this morning….as I was walking home (sometime after 8.00am)…

Misty morning in Lausanne

Walking up towards home…from the métro station.

Misty morning in Lausanne

Looking back to where the métro station is.

Misty morning in Lausanne

The strong glare of the morning sun…dampened by the mist.

Misty morning in Lausanne

Our apartment building could hardly be seen in this mist…and neither were the rows of apple trees.

Misty morning in Lausanne

And some of the remaining snow from yesterday morning.

The mist has yet to disappear…even though it is now the middle of afternoon. Maybe I’ll get to walk through it again this evening…going to the library. Nice!! 🙂


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