It doesn’t feel like winter, at all …

But yet… we still are. I remembered how it was still cold at this time of the year…the past 2 winters.

In 2009…it was a cold winter weather that welcomed my eldest brother when he arrived in Switzerland for the very first time…to visit me. And it was snowing heavily while we were on the train on our way to Zermatt and Gornergrat to see the famous Matterhorn. That… was in late February! And I remembered it well, too, last year … because it was at this time of the year that we started doing raquette after coming back from our trip to Singapore… in late January. And of course….our trip to see the Balloons Show in Château-d’Oex, which is always held on the last week of January.

But this year….the January-February months have been relatively warm, for winter. This week, I could go on the balcony without needing to wear any jacket at all!! How’s that for winter!?

Warm winter weather 2011

These had been how it had looked like in the afternoons this week…..

very sunny…and warm, too! So….I decided to put those plants that I had earlier brought inside due to the cold weather …

back on the balcony so that they can enjoy the nice fresh air… and  soak up the sun. I’m happy to see that my rosemary, thyme and some of the wild strawberry plants survived the snow and cold weather outside….protected in this special plant shelf. Hmmm…its nice to finally be able to spend a bit of time on the balcony…without having to wear a jacket every time I want to go out. It really is very, very nice when the weather is just cool….but not cold! I loike!! 🙂

But….I have to admit, I miss the snow. I thought I would be seeing it a lot longer this year since it already started snowing in Novermber this year. And the weatherman had also forecasted a colder winter for this year (which I assumed would mean that the snow would stay on the ground for longer period, too).  But….it seemed to have disappeared just as early… due to the warm weather these past several weeks! What a pity!

Nonetheless…I should be seeing some this weekend. The hubby had checked the webcams on the area….and it showed plenty of snow still… in St Moritz…the most famous and very popular ski resort in Switzerland. Yahooo!!!!! Well….we are not going there to do skiing…but… because that is the end point of the Glacier Express train ride.

That’s right…this Sunday, we are going to do the Glacier Express Train and travel all the way to St Moritz. Finally….after wanting to do so for several years now…we are finally going to do it!! Yeaay. Both the hubby and I are very excited about the trip. And… since it is a very looong train ride, we have booked ourself a place to stay the night in St Moritz. So that we can do a bit of sightseeing in St Moritz, before making our way back home the next day.

Hehehe… you now know what my next post will be on…huh? 🙂 Hope you are just as excited to read it ….. as I am excited to do the trip and share about it, after!

And these are some of the webcam shots of St Moritz this afternoon. If you want to see other views and live webcams of the area, just click here.

St Moritz

St Moritz

St Moritz


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