Are we not in the middle of winter, now…?


Guess, when were these pictures taken?

Sunny day in winter

Looks like autumn, no? With the colours and the sun…

But these were taken just… yesterday…when I was testing the hubby’s camera to see what is wrong with it. It went kaput while he was busy taking photos of the famous Mer de Glace (Sea of ice) during our excursion on Sunday. No warning, nothing… just stopped working, suddenly. Nice timing, huh? And guess what happened to my old camera? The battery was exhausted!! Haiizzz……two cameras (one old and one new) but both equally unreliable!! But we did manage to take quite a lot of photos, which I will share in the next post. Keeping my camera warm seemed to extend the life of the battery just that bit longer…enough for me to take several more photos while in the Ice Cave and in Chamonix. So… I must thanked my old camera for rising to the occasion…despite its weaken state! 🙂

And now back to the weather report…

It has been warm and very sunny the past week… sunny that the snow is fast melting, everywhere. It was a little disappointing to take a panoramic train through the mountains expecting to see lots of snow….but only saw bits of them here and there! We had to go very high up before we finally see lots of snow! So….not sure if we will have to cancel the plan to do a bit of raquette this weekend given the state of snow level. How to walk on snow when there is not much snow to walk on!!?

We had initially thought of going to this place called the La Givrine which is a skiing area not too far from Lausanne…..but just look at it!!


Where is the snow?

This was a screenshot taken this afternoon from the webcam on their official homepage. Looking at it now, you would not think that this is a ski area.  And yet this area is well visited by skiers and raquetteers in winter.  But none of that….for now! According to their website the area is closed for skiing until further notice. Disappointing, right?

And remember our impromptu snowman….way back in Nov? You can click here…in case..

This is what is left of him on our balcony….3 buttons which had served as the eyes and nose! I have removed the cap and scarf, earlier on….. Didn’t even get a chance to make a partner for him. He passed on…before we could do so.

But not everything is lost…, no. Guess what is the plus of this sunny weather?

Errr… makes it rather pleasant to go out and check out the winter sale!!! muahahaa…… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are we not in the middle of winter, now…?

  1. Thanks, I am enjoying it…by going out shopping! hehehe….

    Cooking? Yg simple, simple aje…last night only steam fish for the hubby (coz its his protein diet day) …and just potato vermicelles soup for me pasal siang hari dah bedal nasi goreng!


  2. Hi! The first picture looks nice as if in autumn, as you have said. Enjoy it. What cooking today?


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