Mum’s not cooking…seafood spaghetti à la Onorio…

So…what do you think of the title of this post?? Does the spaghetti sound yummylicious to you? hehehe 🙂

Well… less you think I was the creator of the dish above….let me set the record straight…I am not!! Although I wish I was…I am not ashamed to admit that I am not much of a cook…always taking short cuts by resorting to ready-made products where ever possible. Luckily I am just cooking for two and the hubby is not terribly fussy about food (except that he now wants more protein rich food for his diet) so, my cooking life is not too terrible. Except…when we are expecting guests for a meal!! Then… nightmare starts…thinking and thinking and thinking……….and then trying to prepare something palatable enough for others to eat which are not too complicated for my simple cooking mind!! Thankfully, we don’t have too many guests coming for meals and not in big groups, either! Pheww…..selamat! (as we would say in my language slang!) 🙂

But the mum and daddy-man are pretty good cooks. And the spaghetti above was made by none other….not the mum… but the daddy-man himself… for our lunch last Sunday. The daddy-man could certainly whip up a mean dish of spaghetti.. But…that maybe because he’s Italian! I just love his seafood spaghetti, especially! Unlike me, he does not use ready-made sauce! He either used fresh tomatoes or in the case of last Sunday, he used tomato purée to make his sauce. And then he will add a dash of this and a bit of that…..taste it a few times….and voilà…his spaghetti sauce is ready.

Usually when he is cooking, I would hover around to see what he’s doing. But blur blob that I am…I don’t always remember what he did and never have a pen ready to jot it down, either. But last Sunday…..I decided to take some photos while the chef was at work. A video would have been better of course…but so as not to disturb him too much, I just took some photos instead lah. So that I will know what to do if I want to make the same dish….and of course to share, too.

So how does this Seafood Spaghetti à la Onorio look like? (well…that’s what the daddy-man called it :-))


here it is….full of wholesome goodness seafood!!! What can I say…the daddy man is extremely generous with his seafood filling.

So  how to prepare the dish? Easy….(since I am not the one cooking!! hahaha…. 🙂 )

The main ingredient that you will need to make this dish is…..of course…

the seafood!

For last Sunday, the daddy-man used French mussels (which he and I prefer rather than the bigger variety), squids, prawns, gambas (a cross between a crab and a prawn the way I see it – which he added more for the flavour), scallops (which is popularly known as coquille St. Jacques in French)…plus some fish…and also some frozen seafood! Wahh….quite a lot, no?

Sliced onion and minced garlic…plus…bell peppers

Simply fry the garlic and onion together for a few minutes…and then, add the bell peppers.


After several more minutes, add a dash of the above condiments….plus…salt and pepper…to taste!

and not forgetting the tomato purée.

(ps: He added the frozen seafood before the tomato purée….. so that they have longer cooking time than the fresh seafood.)

Let all the ingredients cooked for a bit… before adding the mussels, gambas, coquille St. Jacques and squids. Stir and then cover.

The sauce…about ready…but not just yet.

Before adding the rest of the remaining ingredients…the daddy-man poured some of the liquid sauce into a big pot so that there is more space in the saucepan.

But more importantly, this liquid sauce (which he later added more water… plus a bit of salt) was to be used for boiling the spaghetti.

Last to be added were the cherry tomatoes (cut in half) and the prawns.

And the sauce is now ready…just waiting for the spaghetti to be added into it!

And if you wonder what this is for…..this is to prevent the spaghetti from sticking to each other. Just fry some minced garlic and onions in olive oil, and then coat the cooked spaghetti with this mixture… before putting the spaghetti into the sauce!

And there you have it…. the quick and easy steps to preparing Seafood Spaghetti à la Onorio!!

Bon appétit! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Mum’s not cooking…seafood spaghetti à la Onorio…

  1. Memang sedap!! Dah tu, he and I makan taruh cili sambal (home-made punya)…lagi lah sedap. Very pedas…but very delicious….much much better than even in the restaurant! Insyallah kalau u dtg sini, I bawak u pegi rumah dia and ask him to cook for you. He would love it…as he enjoys entertaining and he certainly still remembers u (as the one whose hubby worked in the military!) 🙂


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