Celebrating the festive season…our way…

I could have put some of these photos with my earlier post since they are all related to Christmas. But on second thought….I believe they deserve to have a post of their very own….. if only because otherwise, all these photos would have clogged up the earlier post! And I really do want to share them.:-)

Although the hubby and I do not really celebrate Christmas (other than going to his parent’s place and/or his sister’s) it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and the festivity. After all, Christmas is a grand affair here, unlike Hari Raya/Eid, earlier on. And the hubby, growing up with the Christmas tradition love being able to celebrate it. So, although we did not buy a Christmas tree, I did add small touches of festive cheer into our home to celebrate the good season.

Since our neighbour across put up something on her door, the hubby wanted something on our door, too. Since I did not want to put anything that is too Christmasy…we compromised and put up a branch of pine tree (which I brought home from the Lausanne Christmas Midnight Run) with a red reindeer tied on it. Nothing too fancy, but okaylah…..at least there is some decoration on the door…..and the hubby is happy with it.

And since these dried flowers (which were sold in abundance during autumn) were on sale at half price, I decided to get them. Just have to add some cones which I had collected a few years ago to patch up any bald patches…and voilà…..it’s already started to feel a little festive at home. The two figurines were Christmas presents from the mum last year. She likes to give lots of prezzies…small ones and big ones. So, I decided to put up some of the festive decorations that she had given me … including these two below which I have no idea where to hang since we do not have a Christmas tree.

So, I hanged them on the small window instead. Well…not very creative nor too pretty but better than leave them in the cupboard..unused, right?

And of course, some fresh flowers/plants is a must during any festive season. During Hari Raya, I had lots of orchids blooming in every room, including the kitchen and even toilets! (well, the toilet ones are just plastic ones….bought years ago as presents for the hubby 🙂 )

But for Christmas, we had these…instead.


Poinsettia (or its more complicated name…euphorbia pulcherrima 🙂)… for the hubby… as he loves having poinsettias at this time of the year because of its colours and because it is traditionally associated with Christmas here, the French name being étoile de Noël (Christmas star).

But for moi…nothing will do except these

Pots of Christmas cactus (or its Latin and more impressive sounding name…Schlumbergera bridgesii)…ideally in all the colours that are available!! hehehe … But I managed to refrain myself and bought just two this season (unless they start selling them at a discount later on!!) 🙂

Schlumbergera bridgesii Schlumbergera bridgesii

Just look at how lovely the flowers are…..how to resist buying them?? Cannot lah!

Hmmm….next year, I must try not to buy them…but to try and get the current ones to re-bloom again, in time for Christmas season!! I still have not managed to do so successfully, which is why I ended up buying every time. But still…..very difficult to stop the itch in my hands from touching and buying them….every time I see them full of buds at the nursery or florists at this time of the year!! Ai yoh…

Another thing which I love looking at this time of the year(other than the beautiful lights)….is the Père Noël (Father Christmas)… trying to make his way into somebody’s home!! he,he,he…..

While the one on the left has managed to reach the balcony….the one on the left is still struggling to reach it!!

These two, on the other hand, are making their way via the window….aren’t they just adorable?? Wish I could catch one trying to enter via the chimney!! 🙂

And you know what….very early in the morning, we already had little visitors coming to visit us on Christmas day! 🙂

Our little visitors leaving their foot marks on the snow….as they made their way stealthily towards the kitchen…

looking for their own Christmas meal 🙂 The hubby suggested putting some breads outside the kitchen door this winter so that the birds that keep dropping by our balcony could find something to eat.  Of course, the Christmas visitors at the in-laws were better looking and they had better food than ours, too….

The mum specially made these seed balls for her little visitors….and I could see several come to feast that Christmas day. They are such beautiful birds (there are two of them on the photos).

Oh well…. nonetheless, I suppose our little visitors were still grateful for the less than sumptuous meal that we provided for them on Christmas day. See how relax they were after their meal…enjoying the snow…

and getting a good bird’s-eye view of the beautiful winter scene below. Ahhh……..life’s little pleasure…. 🙂



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