‘Tis a white Christmas, after all…

After snowing the whole of Christmas eve, it was really lovely to see the whole area blanketed by snow on Christmas day. Well maybe…not as much in town or in Geneva city when we passed through on our way to the in -laws…but definitely where we are staying and where the in-laws are staying in France. They live on a hill, just like us. So they get as much snow as we do, if not more.

Since the hubby was not working on Christmas eve, we went out to do a last-minute shopping under the snowfall…and I have to say that it was a nice feeling being able to do so (mainly because it was not very cold, despite the snowfall). Anyway, there was not much to buy last minute since we were better prepared in the prezzies department, this year. I had most of the prezzies wrapped two days before Christmas. So, on Christmas eve it was only to get something for the daddy-man and for the hubby’s bro-in-law.

Still…we were out shopping for several hours. The Christmas shopping was done quickly enough…the rest of the time was actually spent looking for presents for ourselves….hik,hik,hik 🙂 … for something that we would like to do this winter. What is it?? Err….I tell you later lah… when we have bought the stuff. We managed to find them on sale but owing to the lack of time and also because the hubby wanted to check something first, decided that we would get them later. Hopefully, they would still be on sale by the time we come to buy!!

Anyway….although I know it is a little late…  I still would like to wish all who celebrated Christmas….a Belated Merry Christmas!!! Ho, ho, ho… hope all of you have had a terrific time during Christmas.

And… since 2011 is just around the corner, I  believe……I shall not say my New Year’s greeting just yet ..he,he, he 🙂

Well…. there is still a few more days of 2010 left, no? 🙂

The day before Christmas….

A white Xmas 2010

Due to heavy snowfall, the path beside the row of apple trees was totally covered with snow. You cannot even see a glimpse of the path that we usually take. But we certainly enjoyed making our way down….walking on freshly fallen snow!! We could hear the snow crackling under our feet 🙂

A white Xmas 2010

Everything looked a little whitish under the snowfall….snow, snow everywhere we turned…

A white Xmas 2010

The town bustling with last-minute shoppers…under the snowfall. But the snow had no chance of remaining for long, here….being trampled by so many feet!!

A white Xmas 2010

While it is kind of fun doing shopping under the snowfall….it is a bit troublesome, though! Having to carry umbrella…

and not forgetting to cross our fingers hoping that the public transport like the metro and buses were working smoothly!!

On Christmas day…

A white Xmas 2010

A white Christmas morning with clear sky…although strangely the photo turned out a little bluish here…

A mother and daughter profiting from the snowfall …. playing with the sled on Christmas morning…cool!! 🙂

Going through snow-covered landscape while taking the train to Geneva to go to the in-laws place in the French border. Pretty to see … but the temperature was in the minus that day. So it was freezing cold when we were making our way to meet up with the daddy-man who came to fetch us at the border town in Geneva. Brrrr……

A white Xmas 2010

At the in-laws, the wind was blowing quite strongly… whipping up the snow…

A white Xmas 2010

causing it to fly all over the veranda…on the table and all over the floor!

So…the daddy-man had to work hard at sweeping the snow off the veranda…the following morning…which fortunately was nice and sunny.

The veranda much improved….after all that sweeping.

A white Xmas 2010

The beautiful winter view from the veranda at the in-laws… the morning after Christmas.

By the way…..guess what did we have for our Christmas meal?

Hmmmm…..not turkey, definitely…..nor chicken…..nor beef……..nor lamb…..nope…..none of these at all.

We had something healthier instead….

The daddy-man this for appetizer. Soft white cheese filled with fish eggs, smoked salmon and bird’s eggs. Very colourful and real pretty, no? Unfortunately, I am not much of a cheese nor smoked salmon nor fish eggs kind of person. So…the hubby helped me with this….a lot!! I love the bird’s egg, though. Haven’t had them for a looong time.

And then, the mum made these… a  recipe she found in a magazine…as an alternative to the usual Christmasy kind of stuff…

Roasted bell peppers filled with all sort of fillings. One was filled with mashed potatoes and carrots ( I love this one!!),  the other was filled with risotto rice and the third with red rice. And…fish boiled with some kind of garnishing.

Err…she also made a kind of pudding filled with leek. It was really yummy that I only remembered that I had forgotten to take a photo… after we ate it!!

Yeah…..I know it’s not the usual kind of fare one usually finds at the dinner table during Christmas….but it was just as nice. After all…it’s the company that truly counts, no?

Joyeux Noël à tous et à toutes !!


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