Farewell my friends, till we meet again…

First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this entry to all my classmates at Pôle Sud! (Wahh…sound like an acceptance speech at the Oscar! hikhikhik 🙂 )  Not many of them speak English, actually…so I doubt they will be reading this but still… I wrote this entry, with them in mind.

As one of my classmate would say ….Alora….(that’s not French by the way 🙂 )… here goes…

It was with a heavy heart that me and my classmates had to wish each other “au revoir” last week. Yup, last week was the last day of school at Pôle Sud, for us. Not just because of the Christmas holidays but because our 3 months course has finished and much to the disappointment of all of us, there is no continuation to the next level. The class stop there!

Even though we have only been together 3 months, we had certainly grown very close to each other. So…last week, there were tears aplenty in class when we were asked to say a few words before we start on the fête to celebrate the last day at school. And that of course…included some of mine, too. Well, what can I say…I am a softie at heart…although I might seem a little stubborn and fierce. Yes…you heard it right…I’ve been told that I am quite fierce, hehehe….despite my miniature size! 🙂 Well…at least the hubby doesn’t think so. He just think I’m…bossy!! muahahaa… Of course, I don’t agree with him lah.

Hmmm… it feels a little strange not having to go to class this week and not being able to see all the familiar faces that I have grown to know so well for the past 3 months. No doubt I will continue to keep in touch with a few who are closest to me. But nothing beats meeting them on a daily basis…doing a little bit (or maybe a lot!) of gossiping during break time…and having a laugh during lessons. It has been the best and most enjoyable class that I had so far!! There was no stress about having to do homework…or studying for a test. I did not have to carry any textbook…nor exercise book. Even the papers that we wrote on and the file for us to keep our written works were provided for and were all kept in class. No need to bring them back home. In fact, no pencil to write? No sweat, we can use the pencils provided in class! How cool was that??

So, for those who are coming to live in Lausanne and are thinking of learning French, this course is highly recommended! But be prepared to wait a few months before you can start class as there is a looong waiting list. Partly because the course is also not very expensive as it is partly subsidized by the state. In fact, we have students who live as far away as Nyon and Yverdon coming to class. I have to say that all of us were really impressed with the style of teaching, which is not usually found in other language school. It is just unfortunate that the class does not continue beyond Level A2 as its basic premise is to equip its students with the basic knowledge of how to recognize and pronounce French words correctly… or… as close to perfection, as you can. This was not an easy task for the teacher (nor for the students either), as some of the students have been staying here for many, many years, and have been speaking French in their own way for so long. Oo..la..la…hahaha…it was funny when I think back on all the sounds that came out during lessons time. 🙂 But we really did have a lot of fun, laughing at each other. Sigh….those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…….err…can’t remember the rest of the lyrics lah!

Anyway, now that my class at Pôle Sud is over, I will have to start with another school. It’s going to be hard to get used to the usual style of lessons and I don’t look forward to the many homework that I know I will have to do at other language schools. Yucks!! But the class will not start till the second week of January. So for now, I am just going to enjoy my holidays…and… try to make up for the days of fasting that I have missed! Oh yes…now is the best pay back time since the days are shortest during this time of the year. But I have to admit that it’s not so easy fasting at this of the year either! The cold weather is making feel hungry all the time lah!!

Sighhh (again)…..I do sooooo miss this class, a lot!! But…c’est la vie!

In the meantime, thank you to all my dearest classmates and my wonderful teacher Mdm Caroline for making these 3 months an enjoyable and memorable one. I wish all of you all the very best for the New Year and I hope one day we will all meet again.

Till then…au revoir encore une fois et bonne chance à tous et à toutes! Bisous...

Us…on the last day in class.

Preparing the tables and the room for the fête after lesson ended early that day!

The food and drinks all laid out…waiting for makan time!! Each of us was to prepare or bring something from our home country.

Err…what did I bring? Initially, I was thinking of bringing my infamous potato curry puff…but then…I decided to try make something else for this fête.


Voilà….I made “ondeh-ondeh“, instead. For a first timer…not bad right? Okay lah, you cannot taste them….can only see. But my Thai classmate liked it and a Spanish classmate even asked me for the recipe! The hubby has also asked me to make this for the Christmas dinner at the in-laws.

Wah lau….I think if I continue my hands at trying out all these Malay kueh (desserts), maybe I can even try open a small café specializing in Malay kueh, here in Lausanne! muahahaha….:-)

Our wonderful teacher,  Mdm Caroline de Sybourg… showing off the pearl necklace that we bought her…like a true blue model! 🙂 Check out her spectacle…isn’t it groovy?

And reading the Thank You card…written in all languages….that were spoken by  the students in class…Bolivian, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Albanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, and of course Malay…

Bosley and the Charlie’s Angels…we are not!! 🙂

Notice the panels behind us with coloured texts? These are the teaching aids for our lessons. They help to guide us in our pronunciation of the various French words. This teaching method was developed by an Egyptian, who has since passed away. It can be used to teach various languages although not many language schools or teachers like to use them. It was considered revolutionary when it was first developed and introduced. But we like it!!!

And then on the very last day of school…which was after the day of the fête… together with students from the other 2 levels (there were only 3 French language classes each time at Pôle Sud), we went on an excursion to visit the Lausanne Cathedral and the History Museum.

Leaving our school behind, as we walked up the hill to the Cathedral.

Group shot (with a few missing) in front of the Cathedral, overlooking the city of Lausanne and the lake.

Just before entering the Cathedral.

There were two other groups of primary school students who also came to the Lausanne Cathedral for their excursion. Suddenly I felt like a school kid, once again! hikhikhik… 🙂

Waiting for the rest before entering the History Museum, which is just next to the Cathedral.

A mini scale of how Lausanne looked like back in the olden days.

Just before saying goodbye…and making our separate way…home…sob..sob..sob 😦


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