Taking the Goldenpass Panoramic train…

Now…if you should decide to visit Switzerland, one of the more scenic train ride that you definitely should take will be the Goldenpass Panoramic. I have taken this train several times, but yet each time, I still never fail to admire the scenic landscapes that it passes through. You could say that it is one of the must do itineraries…when any of my family comes to visit.

The train ride starts from Montreux…..all the way to Lucerne. Along the way, it will pass by Gstaad (where the rich and famous like to go, especially in winter), Zweisimmen, Saanenland and Interlaken (to name a few). So, since the niece was here for only 3 days, we decided to take her on the Goldenpass Panoramic train ride so that she could see a bit of Switzerland, other than Lausanne.

It is a very looong ride….more than 5 hours with lots of turns as it winds its way around vineyards, picturesque villages, valleys, lakes and alpine summits. So, if you are one of those suffering from motion sickness…..well….. maybe taking this train might not be the best thing to do. But if you don’t have such problem…then doing this train ride is highly recommended! And if you are one of the lucky ones….maybe you might even get to ride on the Classic Carriages…which can be quite cosy and romantic.

The train ride is broken into 3 separate journeys and trains….and….you can choose to get down at any of the stops that it made and do a bit of sightseeing (as we did in Interlaken) and then hop onto the next train  But if you prefer not to…well you can just sit down and enjoy the ride throughout until you reach your destination.

If you want to find out more about the Goldenpass Panoramic you can click here. But if you are not….welll….then you can just enjoy the photos of some of the places that we passed by while on the train…enjoy… 🙂

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

Inside a modern carriage with its wide glass windows …. so that one can have a very good view of the landscapes…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

and for a better photo shot, too!

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

the train making its way through snow-covered landscape…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

a 300 years old chalet at a place called Rossinière …which used to be the residence of a famous painter called Balthus. His Japanese widow still lives there.

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

One of several lakes that we passed by…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

simply beautiful lake view…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

One of the many snow-covered valleys that we passed by…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

the valleys looked really awesome in winter…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

Another valley… another lake…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

The water in this lake is so still that you can see reflection of the valley on it. Just beautiful!

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride

A stream that winds its way through one of the valleys…

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride, Brienz

A train station at a place called Brienz…it is one of several train stations in Switzerland that is located exactly beside a lake. The lake view here is really awesome! Straight ahead (towards ends of this railway track).. you can see an imposing mountain rising high above this little town…covered by mist. We made a stop here about a year ago when we took the mum to visit an open air museum called the Ballenberg (that displays traditional buildings and architecture from all over Switzerland).

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride, Interlaken

A small Japanese garden in Interlaken….looking quite lovely covered with snow.

Goldenpass Panoramic train ride, Lucerne train station

The imposing looking Lucerne train station. To cut down on travelling time, we took a direct train from Lucerne back to Lausanne.

Lucerne, Chapel Bridge

A trip to Lucerne is not complete without having a picture taken and walking on the Chapel bridge, which is believed to be the oldest woodbridge in Europe.

Lucerne, Chapel Bridge

The bridge was unfortunately burned down in August 1993 but later quickly rebuilt. The tower seen behind me is the original tower. This bridge is most lovely in spring/summer when it is all covered with flowers.

Lucerne, Chapel Bridge

Reproductions of some of the paintings that were spared from the fire.

And… our favourite winter snack….châtaigne chaud (hot chestnut), of course!!

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2 thoughts on “Taking the Goldenpass Panoramic train…

  1. looking at all these lovely pics made me really wanna go there again…which i will n this time wif my 2 heroes


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