Early winter wonderland…

No snowfall today but where we are…the snow from the weekend has not fully melted. So, there is plenty of it…still to be enjoyed… until the next snowfall… which according to the weatherman will happen again sometime this week. In fact, this year’s winter is expected to be the coldest here in Switzerland,  in 5 years. But that does not necessarily means….more snow….only that the temperature is going to drop more than in previous years…brrrrr!!! Now that I have a brand new winter boots…..next on the agenda is to stock up on my thermal wear!!

Okay, not going to write much tonight…… but will just let the pictures tell their own stories. These were taken yesterday morning and afternoon…enjoy…

Early winter wonderland on our front yard…

when looking down…from our balcony…

when looking across….towards the opposite blocks….. and the mountains…

looking pretty…with snow covering their tops.

when looking at the side from the bedroom window…

and when looking up towards our apartment….with the row of apple trees in the foreground…

Some of the few remaining apples still hanging on to the snow-covered trees.

This area used to be a small vegetable farm, located just next to the métro station. Doesn’t look like a farm anymore!

And this is the field that is located just after the vegetable farm.

The followings were taken at the neighbourhood across the road from the métro station…when I accompanied hubby to do his public duty…(casting his vote lah!!)

On this side of the road…there are many private houses.

It’s a really nice area and I really love it when I first visited the area.

It is also where the nearest public library (to our home) is located…which unfortunately is closed on Sat and Sun. (Hmmm…when the hubby sent me to this library to borrow a book that he wanted, more than a year ago… little did I know that I will one day live near it!! 🙂 )

Beautiful pink roses (in someone’s garden)….overwhelmed by snowfall.

 The same with the see-saw and the swing.


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