Bonhomme de neige on the balcony…

Earlier today, I had actually taken many pictures of the surrounding areas, including the area not far from ours (when I accompanied the hubby to do his votation). Was thinking of uploading and sharing them tonight. But after one whole day of tidying our place … in preparation for the niece arrival this Thurs… just feel too tired to upload all those photos lah. So instead, I’ll share some photos of our very first snowman, first lah huh??

After one whole day of snowfall, this was how our balcony looked like this morning, outside the kitchen door.  So this evening, I asked the hubby to help me to clear the snow away from the plant shelf so that we could bring in my curry and kalamansi lime plants…which I do not think will survive long in the covered shelf, if the cold weather is going to continue.


Since we do not have a proper shovel…as you can see… the hubby had to improvise 🙂 And since it would not be appropriate for him to throw the snow over the balcony (must think about the neighbour below lah)… he had to dump the snow to one side. So…what to do with all that snow……?

Make a snowman out of it lah!! 🙂

Since it was getting dark…..we didn’t get a chance to really do a good one nor dress it up well. Nonetheless…we are happy enough to have our very own snowman or bonhomme de neige as it called, here….right on our balcony!! 🙂


Us…with our very first snowman.

This is the first time that the hubby ever made a snowman….on a balcony. But rest assured, it will not be his last……not for this winter!!! 🙂


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