First snow in Lausanne, 2010/11…

So its true …winter comes early this year! It is still Nov … but it has snowed in Lausanne … this morning. Not everywhere in Lausanne … but at those places that are above 500m. And since our new place is above 600m … we get to receive the first snowfall in Lausanne for this winter season. 🙂

After reading the weather forecast last night, I was so excited and had hoped to wake up this morning … to see everywhere blanketed by snow. But … it didn’t happen. In fact, when I first woke up at 5.30am, I thought the weatherman was wrong. I didn’t see any snow on the balcony … and neither could I see any snow outside since it was still very dark .

But as the morning light started to appear … I’d realized that the weatherman was right, after all … it did snow … just not in the quantity that I had expected!


The tiny bit of snow on the ground … below our bedroom window …


A bit more snow on the ground … below our balcony …

And some on the rooftops … and on some of the parked cars, too. Well … it ain’t much … but still nice to see, though!!

And it didn’t stay long and was gone by the time I got home from class in late afternoon. But … according to the weatherman … the temperature is going to go down further and will hit a minus this weekend. So … there will probably be more snow this weekend.

So, guess what does this all means??  Well … it means … that … I now have … a good excuse … to go and shop for winter boots lah!! hik,hik, hik … 🙂

And … ??? It is also the best time … to start … making up … for the missed days of fasting … because the daylight hours is short!!! 🙂 Hmmmm … I better make sure that I do so!

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