A ghost….. town…???

The hubby and I don’t usually go to town on Sundays as there is not much to do in terms of shopping or eating out as most shops and even restaurants are closed on Sundays. But ever since we moved to our current place, we had been doing so on many occasions (especially the past several weeks) …. only because we had to pass through a section of the town when we go to the storage warehouse to collect my boxes.

Unlike in Singapore (and many other big cities in the world) where shops are opened on Sundays….some even 24/7….here, shops are closed by 6.30pm (or latest by 7.00pm for the bigger shopping centres) on weekdays, by 6.00pm on Saturdays and  totally closed on Sundays. So….. coming from Singapore, where shops are open until late everyday including Sundays, too…..it certainly takes some getting used to when I first started living here. But of course now,  I have learned to live with the inconveniences. Anyway…even they (those working in the sales line) deserved to have a rest on Sundays…just like other workers, right? I know I used not to like it much having to go to work on Sundays but had to do so since it comes with the job. So…. I can totally relate to this need for a rest during weekends.

Now….as a  democratic country….  this motion was put to a vote (just like many other important decisions are made by Swiss citizens), here in Lausanne.  And… the majority of the population decided… that…shops should close on Sundays to allow these workers to rest (as well as on Christmas eve and the day after New Year, too). There are also no late night openings in Lausanne, unlike in some other communes or small towns nearby.  The only times when the shopping centres in Lausanne will open late in some nights….is when it is near Christmas time, to allow for last-minute Christmas shopping. The rest of the year….they are closed by evening.

Do you want to see how it looks like when nothing is open (on a Sunday morning)?

This area is called Flon (named after the river which used to flow in the area and to which the water line here in the middle must be an allusion to – see also 2 pictures below) … a recently refurbished part of Lausanne town centre ……located below the old town. On weekends and Saturdays, you can see many workers and shoppers during the day .

But on Sundays…..this is how it looks like…..with hardly anybody around….

The metro station (an interchange) is at the end of this street…

It felt kind of weird…..walking on a street…..almost devoid of people…..except for the few that we came across…..

Guess, it’s the best time to do street cleaning…. 🙂 …which is badly needed……

…..since there were litters everywhere…….the result of Saturday night’s revelries… in the area.  There is a cinema, several pubs and discos near the area….that’s why….

Hmmm, you know…..you could dance naked….on the street (if you wanted to)… and nobody will disturb you… muahahaha… 🙂

NB:  By the way, the hubby told me that the Genevese (the people of Geneva) will be voting on whether to have late night openings until  8.00 pm on weekdays. Hmmm….wonder what the outcome will be? Oh well….. I am not staying in Geneva, after all, so….. not very important to me lah!


2 thoughts on “A ghost….. town…???

  1. Lucky you to have some late nights in St Gallen! It seemed a bit strange somehow that none of the bigger shopping centres in Lausanne has a late night, despite it being a city, but there is one in the much smaller commune/town next to it.


  2. hey..that man on the orang truck is working…hes not getting enough rest…wakakaka..
    fyi..st gallen has its late nights..we have late nights by ikea sometimes…not many..can count by fingers…hehehe.. come to st gallen and walk in the ghost town of st gallen….NOT…


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