Just another misty morning…

This morning is one of those misty morning which I have had the pleasure of experiencing ever since we live, here (at our current flat). The rain which started yesterday evening has not let up…. yet. So the mist this morning is especially thick. I cannot see beyond 50 meters or so.

Hmmm….thankfully, there is no class this morning ….although…. I suppose it could be interesting to walk through the mist. 🙂 Maybe… if the mist continues until late afternoon, I might try to do so…once I am done with the washing….to do a bit of shopping and for the simple pleasure of being able to walk through the mist. I am sure in Croisette which is 2 metro stops further uphill (where there is a supermarket) will be even more misty than where we are!

The view a few minutes ago……

which has become even more misty…… as I am writing this post.

My pots of mini african violet lining the window ledge in the living room…with not much of a view, outside.

And what taste good for breakfast….in this cold and misty morning…??

A cup of warm coffee…..and…..

epok-epok (curry puff)…..of course 🙂  It’s one of the very few Malay kueh that I had learnt to make….. and excel at (if I do say so, myself…hik, hik, hik :-))…. after coming to live here. Well, no choice lah….just had to learn to make them… as I love epok-epok but (of course) they are not sold, here. Luckily for me… they are not too difficult to make and can keep well in the freezer.

So……….think my epok-epok can pass muster ??? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just another misty morning…

  1. I was just thinking of making a fresh batch of epok2 today from the potatoes that my MIL gave me! In this wet and chilly weather, the thought of hot and spicy epok2 with hot coffee made my mouth water!!! But had made some apam last night so that will have to do for breakfast this morning!!


  2. Looking back at ur posts…this is the one that has tempted n challenged me to make epok2 ala Suisse…he he he…we enjoyed them very much…thanx to u CT for d ideas…yup can’t agree more those epok2 taste so yummy in the mt cold air :)))


  3. When u come here to visit me……. Swiss-made epok2, so only avail in Switzerland lah! , hehehe. 🙂


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