Lausanne market day…the art of making bubbles…

As usual, Saturday was market day and so there are always things to see (…or buy, if one is not careful to practise self-restraint 🙂 ). While the hubby went to the University Library and later to the dry cleaner, I decided to do some grocery shopping instead…. so that we could save ourselves some time by doing separate chores. Just as I was going to meet the hubby at the metro station so that we could go back together, I happened to see a crowd gathering and looking at a couple busy making bubbles. Not the usual small bubbles that we did by blowing at soapy water or liquid which we can buy at the store. But these are huge ones!

They were not selling anything (not the instrument they used to make the bubbles nor the liquid they used to make the sud to make the bubbles)…..but were just simply making these huge bubbles for everyone to enjoy… and especially for the children to try to capture. Naturally, the bubbles would burst as soon as the children touched them! But it was really fascinating to see the bubbles being formed and so I decided to stay a while to watch and enjoy.

Errr…. naturally I was late in meeting the hubby.. 🙂 

The couple who decided to provide some fun and excitement …… that Saturday afternoon……by making these huge bubbles.

The instrument for creating these huge bubbles? Just a bucket of soapy water full of suds (which the woman is dipping her strings into) ….. and two sticks (with two strings across them)! Ingenious, no? They just dipped the strings into the soapy water and then after lifting it out, gave a little jerk to get the bubble going and move the stick forward to make the bubble bigger and bigger. No blowing needed. A slight breeze helped… of course.

The woman in the midst of creating a bubble…. while the man dipped his strings into the bucket of soapy water.

And then… he created an even bigger bubble with his sticks and strings. I love market day on Saturday!!!


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