Falling, falling…fallen…in Fall…

It’s amazing how time flies, and we are now right smack in the middle of autumn. And… now I can appreciate better why this season is referred to as Fall by the Americans. Just as I love seeing the beautiful colours of the leaves in this autumn season when they were on the trees…..I enjoyed looking at them, just as much….. when they are scattered on the ground.

And I certainly had fun walking and kicking at them… when I had to walk through them!!! 🙂


Just as many leaves are on the trees….. there are just as many on the ground.

The leaves started falling in great numbers after the heavy rain last Friday evening. As a result, when we went out on Saturday morning to go and collect two more of my boxes from the warehouse, we saw heaps of leaves on the ground near our building apartment where these big trees are. A very lovely sight, indeed…until they turned all mushy after so many cars had driven over them when the ground was wet. Then…. it became a yucky sight, indeed!

The pavement near the storage warehouse, littered with fallen leaves.

And….as a result of the continued cold weather for the past few days… plus the occasional rain…..this was how it looked like earlier today… 

The trees became almost BOTAK (baldy)……just within a few days! These are very same trees as in the first picture…..but after losing more leaves this morning because of the heavy rain last night.

The ground looking more reddish-brown than green…….

View from another angle….with our apartment building in the background.

The parking area at the next block, littered with fallen leaves….

And, this is the tree facing our balcony…..right now…. totally botak!!! Even the cherry tree (on the far right with only the top half to be seen, here) has gone baldy now, when….

… just 4 days ago, it was looking like this!!

Really…..this is truly the first time that I am seeing and experiencing the change of seasons, first hand.  Despite having lived here for exactly 2 years this week… living where we are right now, so close to nature (instead of so close to the city centre, as we were before)… has allowed me to experience the change of seasons more acutely. And I have certainly enjoyed looking at the changes in my surrounding with each change of seasons that I had gone through, staying here. And I savour every moment that I had gone through and every changes that I had experienced, so far.

And…I definitely look forward to see the ground covered with snow……just as it is now covered with dried leaves. Bring it on!!! 🙂


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