Finally…beautiful sunshine…

After several days of grey and cloudy weather, the sun finally made its appearance, today. What a relief! For once, I was able to leave the two doors to the balcony opened for a while to allow for some fresh air…..nice!!  And…..hopefully, my solar lamps on the balcony will lit up a few hours longer than they did for the past few nights since they should be able to soak up many hours of sunshine today to re-energize their batteries!

As a result of the drop in temperature during the past few days, it had actually started snowing in some parts of Switzerland. .especially in the German-speaking part or those located at higher altitude. But…. not here in Lausanne…….not yet. And……. hopefully, not anytime soon! I really hope that the slightly warmer weather (it was about 11ºC, this afternoon when I was making my way home from class) will stay for a while longer.

Although there is no snow yet where we live, however, there are plenty to see on the mountains across from us. Here are some shots taken yesterday afternoon.

Snow on the mountain tops as seen from the kitchen.

It has even started snowing,  though not as much, on these French mountains, across Lake Geneva.

How Lake Geneva looked like yesterday afternoon, with the sun trying to push its way through the clouds.

Beautiful reflection of the sun ray on the lake.

While it was grey and cloudy on our side of the lake, there was a bit more sun on the French side of the lake, yesterday afternoon. Lucky them!


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