As seen in Lausanne… strange hat in St Francois…

Since I am feeling a bit guilty for not writing and sharing much recently, I thought I’ll make up for it by sharing a second post for this evening.  Something that caught my attention….last week.

Well……. I was walking with a classmate to a furniture shop near the town centre last Wednesday when  I could not help but noticed a strange-looking person, feeding the pigeons. Even though I happened to have my camera with me that day….as I need it to snap photos of interesting looking furniture to show to the hubby (yes……we have not finished with our furniture hunt, yet)….initially, I was hesitant to take a photo. But…. since I saw another person taking a few photos of this strange-looking person…..not far from where s/he was feeding the pigeons and s/he did not seem to care,…, I thought….what the heck, why not do the same? So, I did…..but discreetly lah, of course….and from far.

Hmm…..looking at how s/he was dressed, the person was either terribly shy………..or an attention seeker!! What do you think?

Can you see him….(or is it  her… I could not tell the gender as I walked past too quickly)……..????


Ok, here’s a close-up shot. The person actually put a paper bag to cover his or her head while s/he fed the pigeons! And not the usual brown paper bag, mind you …..but.. a bright red paper bag!! What a strange character……..S/he certainly attracted enough attention … there was a group of people sitting on the staircase of a nearby building looking at him/her feeding the pigeons.

On second thought…….. could the paper bag possibly be his or her safety precaution (for health reason) while feeding the pigeons?? Guess only s/he can answer that!


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