A night of museums hopping…part 2

Hmmm….I know that I have been very tardy in completing my post on La Nuit des Musées. My only excuse is that I have been feeling unmotivated to update this blog. Partly because I feel that I have less time to do so now that I have my daily classes, again…..and……partly because sometimes when I was in the mood to do so, the computer was unfortunately unavailable as the hubby was using it (we’re sharing the same notebook, right now)….and by the time he had finished using it, somehow the mood has left me!  And of course,  ever since we moved here a few months ago, we have been using my notebook which does not have a mouse (because I do not know where it is)….to log onto the internet and update my blog. Try writing and uploading photos without a mouse….and you will know how troublesome it is….having to use both hands to manoeuvre the cursor!!  Now…can you understand why I am unmotivated to write, especially when there are lots of photos to upload?

Anyway….. after hesitating for so long (thinking that the hubby would be installing the big computer in the computer room, soon)…..I recently decided to buy a mouse to simplify my internet-ing life. But guess what? Now that I have bought a mouse (even had to change and get another one as the first model that I bought did not work with my notebook)…….we found my never-has-been-used computer mouse (which I got when I bought my notebook)…..when we went to collect two more of my boxes from the warehouse just two days ago!!! Arggh……!!! And….after hearing my constant complaint about how troublesome and time-consuming it was for me to update my blog using my small notebook……the hubby recently bought a new computer so as to make my blogging life easier. Unfortunately, he has yet to install it. Maybe, once he has done so……and…. maybe, once we have changed to using a wireless router (so that we do not have to share the same computer or notebook)….maybe, I’ll be able to do my sharing a bit more regularly than I do now……………maybe…… 🙂

And now….back to our unfinished museum adventure…….

So…..from the Musée Historique de Lausanne…..we hopped over next door to MUDACMusée De Design & Arts Appliques Contemporains (Design & Contemporary Applied Arts), our 6th museum stop.  By that time it was already 8.00pm. We spent quite a bit of time in this museum looking at the exhibition in honour of the Swiss cartoonist, Zep……. which was first launched during the Lausanne International Comics Festival in early Sep. It showcased all his works….from the very beginning….right until today. Although I have yet to read any of his comics….I have to admit that I was very impressed with his caricatures and drawings that I saw at the exhibition.

Unfortunately, by this time the hubby’s brand new camera had run out of battery power (as we had forgotten to charge it beforehand) and so we had to rely on my old camera and my handphone to take the photos. So, the quality is not as good lah….but….. it’s the effort that counts, right?

The crowd in one of the rooms which showcased the works by Zep.

His most famous cartoon character, Titeuf (or Mat Jambul…as I would prefer to call him 🙂 ) in all his glory, taking centre stage in one of the rooms.

A budding comics artist???? Saw this girl sitting quietly in one corner of the room……….trying to draw the huge Titeuf character…..despite the many people who were walking and blocking her view.

The comics Titeuf…….in various languages…… being displayed.  According to the information provided about Zep and his works,  the comics Titeuf had been published in 27 different languages…..and that Zep had sold more than 20 million copies of his comics. Very impressive. And……. as the hubby kept telling me …….Zep was born in Geneva, as was the hubby…..and…. in the same year, as the hubby…..yes, ok, ok….

Another room with a film being screened (which I had forgotten on what…. except that it was related to the exhibition, of course)……. with very comfortable seats………….a popular spot it seemed among the children!

And……after attending this exhibition, I’d realised that the above cartoon character….which I had initially thought was Tintin (when I saw the figurine on sale during Lausanne International Comics Festival )…. was actually another popular comic character by Zep. Ai yoh…… so embarrassing….. but the hairstyle looks quite similar-lah! Anyway..I have no idea what is the name of this character and the comics where it can be found……I supposed I will have to go to the library and borrow the comics if I want to find out lah!

Next……from MUDAC, the hubby and I made our way by metro to our museum no 7….Musée Olympique, in Ouchy. I had not expected to find the Olympic Museum interesting…..but decided to go because otherwise we would have to pay 15 CHF if we want to visit this museum outside of this event as it does not participate in the monthly Free Museum Day. So, to satisfy my curiosity about the kind of things that are exhibited here, we made this museum one of our compulsory stop. But surprisingly…..I did find it very interesting….eventhough I still will not want to pay 15 CHF to enter it!

Outside the entrance to the museum (as it looked that night….with my old and no longer reliable camera!)

This was how the entrance had looked like (in daylight) when we went there in Dec last year (on Free Museum Day…..thinking that it would be free but was unfortunately, not!) At that time, it was promoting the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Inside the Olympic Museum……… near the entrance.

Love the museum layout and spacious atrium. Instead of staircase, it has this spiral ramp for visitors to go up to the second level. A library is located at the basement of the museum,

This is the only museum where we were given an additional ticket to enter…….. as each exhibition hall required a magnetized Olympic museum ticket to pass through its entrance gate.


Some of the more interesting exhibits on dispplay………can you guess what are these?

 Olden day’s version of dumb bells and weights….of course! 🙂

The very time that the Olympic logo of 5 circles that we knew so well today….. was used. This letter was dated 15 July 1913.

Something ……….to remind us of the time when there was a call to boycott the Games in Moscow, 20 years ago!

All the torches from both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games are on display in the museum.

Hmmmm….I might not be in Singapore when the first Youth Olympic Games was held there just last month……but at least I can claim to be one of the few Singaporeans who had carried the YOG first torch…………..of course, a month too late…..and in the wrong country, too!

Errr…..okaylah……..actually…………. I just touched the torch……since it is fixed to the wall! 🙂

After the Olympic Museum….we took the metro to our next museum (no. 8)………

Fondation Claude Verdan – Musée  de La Main (Hand Museum).

Here….most of the exhibits are the interactive kinds, so museum hoppers (especially children) were given opportunity to use their hands and try their skills, assisted by students from one of the polytechnic in Lausanne – Ecole Des Metiers De Lausanne.  The highlight of the exhibits here is a copy of an aeroplane that was first flown by two brothers, Henry and Armand Dufaux, across lake Geneva. The reconstructed aeroplane was assembled by hands over a period of 5 years! We didn’t stay long, here as it is a small museum and it was also partially closed for renovation. So…..several minutes later…..we decided to hop onto the free bus to go to our next museum (no. 9)….which also became our last…. before we decided to go home.

Fondation De l’Hermitage.

The museum as seen from outside. No inside pictures here, as security was tight and we had to deposit our bags before entering the exhibition halls. And like many museums in Lausanne, this museum is housed in an old building. The glass extension on the left side of the building is of course new…. and is the entrance cum mini bookshop for the museum.

The highlight for this museum was an exhibition on the works and life of the American painter, Edward Hopper. Since I started dozing off several times, in the middle of watching a documentary on the life of Edward Hopper, I decided that it was time for the hubby and I to go home and find our bed. Although the hubby was keen to go to another museum not too far from our home (a snake museum, unfortunately)….before the event officially ended at 2.00am….however, my eyes and my feet were really asking for mercy. And…of course you know who won…….. 🙂

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