A night of museums hopping …part 1

Finally…..after looooong overdue…..about what we did the previous Sat( on 25 Sep, that is and not last Sat, as we did not do anything special last Sat except to go shopping for some stuff for the home, before the onset of winter)

Hmm….would you believe that the previous Sat the hubby and I spent almost 9 hours going from museum to museum, before finally returning home at nearly 2 o’clock in the morning?! Sound crazy????? Nah……it was all part of the fun and adventure of the Night of Museums or as it was called here,  La Nuit des Musées.

In that time, we managed to cover 9 museums….only. Although there were actually 23 museums that were opened from 2.00pm until 2.00am on that particular evening/night, I seriously doubt that it would have been possible to visit all of them during that 12 hours. I supposed we should have tried to visit at least 10, given that this year was its 10th year but it just did not occur to us to do so that day. But anyway…by the time we were at our 9th museums….I was already finding it difficult to keep my eyes opened while we were watching a documentary on an American painter, Edward Hopper at the Hermitage Foundation museum. I kept nodding off even though I was really quite interested in following the documentary.

So…. even though the hubby was game to visit another museum at Vivarium before calling it a night ….errr maybe morning would be more correct….(which would have made it our 10th museums, if we had done so),  he agreed to go home since I was already feeling very tired and most certainly were not all that keen to visit a snake museum at almost 1.30 in the morning! Especially since we would later have to make our way back on foot as there was no longer any public transport at that time…. except for taxis. So…  from the nearest bus stop to our home where the free bus provided by the organiser made a stop….we had to walk all the way to our home…which took about 25 mins or so….uphill!! I think we must have burnt quite a lot of calories with all the walking that we had to do that evening and night!! 🙂

It was really tiring doing the museum hopping (especially towards the later part of the night, when my feet started to hurt)…..but at the same time, I have to admit…..very fun. It was my first time doing it, even though the event has been going on every year since its inception in 2001. It’s not free (the ticket cost 10 CHF per adult)… but with the ticket, we could go to any or all of the 23 participating museums on that day (both in Lausanne and Pully), including taking the free bus that were provided to ferry passenger from one museum to another……only IF … we have the energy or the time to do so… of course! :-

I would have loved to visit the Roman ruins at the Museum in Vidy….but we made the mistake of starting our museum adventure with those that are near the town centre (which actually, we have already visited during the Free Museum Day….and could visit again on the next Museum Day in October (as it is a monthly affair). And so …. ended up going to those museums which we would otherwise have to pay to enter  (as they are not included in the Free Museum Day) much, much later in the night. As a result….we were unable to cover some of the more interesting museums due to the lack of time. Oh well….we learnt from this experience. So come  next year, we know that we will have to plan our itineraries better!

Frankly, I was surprise at the turnout for the event. It seemed that about 53,000 people attended the event this year. Amazing! I don’t think we would get as many people to attend a similar event in Singapore…..especially when it was not even free! It was wonderful to see people of all generations…..including teenagers coming out in full force to visit the museums. And even late at night, I could still see little ones going to the museums with their parents. It was not difficult to tell who were the people doing the museum hopping, as we all wore our tickets around our neck.  So, as we were riding the Metro or walking from one museum to another, it was easy to spot fellow museum hoppers! And really…..it felt great to be one of them!

So, next year…..I hope we will do it again. And next year….I think we would have to start earlier than we did this year (we only started our museum hopping at about 5.00pm)… and….. try to visit 11 museums since it will be the 11th year….and of course the date will also be 2011! !

Hope all of you out there will enjoy the photos of that night. However, since there are just too many photos to upload…I will have to post them in two parts lah ok?

The poster for this year’s La Nuit des Musées with its football-ish kind of theme.

Our first stop…Palais de Rumine (Rumine Palace) which house a University Library….. plus 5 different museums……Musée Cantonal D’Archéologie & D’Histoire (Archeology & History), Musée Cantonal De Géologie(Geology), Musée Cantonal De Zoologie (Zoology), Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts (Beautiful Arts) and Musée Monétaire Cantonal (Monetary). Despite the downpour, there were many people coming and supporting the museums late night opening event at the place.

Inside the Palais de Rumine…at the staircase area.  The pinkish thing that you see on the lady is the ticket for the event. Together with the ticket, we were given a pink whistle each which we could blow to show our support of the event. But of course in some museums, there were posters to tell people not to blow the whistle while inside the museum…if they support their museum….Ai yoh….to blow or not to blow!

And a BIG whistle for the little ones! BUT…..unlike the one given to the adults, this whistle despite being bigger does not make much noise…..for good reason, of course 🙂

Out of the 5 museums in this place, we visited 3…..Musée Cantonal D’Archéologie & D’Histoire, Musée Cantonal De Géologie and Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts


One of the more interesting exhibits inside the Musée Cantonal D’Archéologie & Histoire ….showing how the big slab of stones (which are quite similar to the ones found at Stonehenge, England) were moved and lifted to stand upright.

The final result. Not as impressive as the ones at Stonehenge, but still… just as interesting and mystical looking. Some of the remains of these stones can still be found at a place called Lutry, a beautiful old town by the lake, not far from Lausanne.

The glass flooring…so that one could see while walking over a reconstruction of one of the excavated area. The children… of course love to walk over it. In fact, you could also view this exhibit from the side, as the room is designed such that it slopes downward with glass exhibits on both sides of the wall and this particular exhibit in the centre with glass walls above and on the side so that you can see it both from the top and from the side.

At another room in the same museum, skeletal reconstruction of the T-rex…

and the giant mammoth……

At the Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts which has a tighter security. No bags are allowed and there are alert staff/volunteers around….always on the lookout for people who accidentally stepped beyond the designated lines near the paintings or for taking unauthorized photos of the paintings or pictures in the museum. There are several rooms full of paintings and pictures in this museum.

One of the hands-on activity for children….. which received very good response… judging by the long queue of parents waiting for their children’s turn that we saw on our way out!

A picture of yours truly beside the balloon (yup it is actually a balloon that would lit up at night) which is found at the entrance of every museums that took part in the event… each bearing the logo and acronym or name of the museum….a la  football style….This is for the museum called Espace Arlaud which among its exhibits paid tribute to woman suffering from breast cancer.

By the way, despite the football style theme for this year’s event……the FC above the logo does not stand for Football Club, ok…….? It is Fan Culturel……Cultural Fan lah!


From Museum No 4, Espace Arlaud….we hop over to Museum No 5…Musée Historique. This museum has a good source of information about the history of Lausanne….with interesting maps and pictures of Lausanne in the olden days. From an old map in the museum, we realized that there was a castle near the area that we now live. But what I find most interesting at this museum this time round (as we had been here before during the free Museum Day) was to see the followings….

Publicity posters, items and stuff that were given out during the 10 years that the event was held in Lausanne. The very first La Nuit des Musées was held in Jun 2001. However, starting from the second year, it was held in Sep and has been so for the past 9 years.


Each year has a different theme and colour!

A small demo that was held especially for the children….on the various types of olden days’ wear.

And from here, we went to our Museum No 6…..MUDAC

What kind of museum is it…..well, I will share more in the next post lah…

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