BD Festival International de Lausanne 2010…

In case all of you are wondering what the heck does the BD in the title stands for…. it is actually the acronym for Bande Dessinée (or as we knew it…Comics).

Now, it so happened that…the weekend following Hari Raya… was also the weekend of International Festival of Comics of Lausanne. I happened to come across it by chance, while taking my guest from Geneva to visit the market. A big tent was set up near the market area to house bookstores and stalls selling items related to comics as well as the ticketing booth for the 3-days festival. And since I was already in the area….and…happened to have my camera with me…so of course, I just simply had to drop by the tent to see what it was all about…..and of course take some snapshots of it…like the amateur journalist, that I am..for this blog lah!  🙂

First, a bit of info about the Comics festival before I show the photos lah, okay?

Now, this festival is held annually and was first held in 2005, following the demise of a similar festival that used to be held in Sierre (another part of Switzerland). So…. this made this year’s event its 6th edition lah. On average, the festival attracted about 30,000 visitors every year.  This year, it managed to attract about 35,000 visitors over the 3 days, starting from 10 Sept until 12 Sept, almost the same turnout as in the past 2 years, according to the organiser (as was reported in the newspaper….not by me!).

As part of the festival, there were several exhibitions on comics, including one that is called “Black is beautiful” that were held; meetings and discussions with the comic authors; screening of films on comics… well as….autograph signing sessions by about 80 comic authors from far and wide….who took turns to do so inside the big tent. The guest of honour for this year’s event was none other than Zep, the Swiss author of the very popular comics here, called Titeuf (the boy with the blonde jambul…remember?)

And here are some of the photos that I managed to capture on that day….inside that big tent… I did not attend any of the other events. Well….yours truly is not really a huge fan of comics lah….so no motivation to see the other activities!

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

The tent where the autograph signing sessions were held and where one could purchase tickets for the festival as well as other paraphernalias relating to comics…..

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

The banner/poster for this year’s festival…which I’m guessing might have been designed by the guest of honour himself! (Now….do you remember that blonde jambul boy…..from my entry on Easter festival?)

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

Some of the comics strips or books that were on sale inside the tent….

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

and comics postcards….

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

and pictures and figurines , too….

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

Now…..this should be a pretty familiar character to most of us……the comics is still popular even until today……recognised it? Yes……….?

Its Tintin lah… Belgian author,  Hergé. I remembered having to order these comics nearly every year for my libraries… as it was so frequently borrowed that the comics became torn and tattered so fast….as a result of frequent change of hands!! Well…I enjoyed reading this particular comics, too!

(corrigendum: oops….just realized after attending the  exhibition on the life and works of the Swiss cartoonist, Zep…  that this is not Tintin but a different comic character created by Zep! Aiyoh …so embarassing…but then….to err is human right? 🙂 )

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

Many people actually purchased these comics….

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

and then with their purchase, patiently went to queue. Initially I have no idea what they were queuing for……

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

But of course…..soon I realized they were queueing to have their comics signed by the authors, themselves…….

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

what else would they be queueing for…right? Slow lah I! Anyway…..some authors have longer queues than others… even if you are not a comics fan….you can tell which comics or authors are popular!

Festival de Bande Dessinée Lausanne 2010

I have no idea why…….but this particular author was not sitting with the rest of the comics authors at the designated platform but was seated at one of the stall itself. And, he not only signed but also drew small caricatures before writing and signing his name. Cool!!

The dates for next year’s event has already been released. It will be held from 9-11 Sept 2011. So, if you are fans of comics and would like to attend the event…remember the dates! The website for the festival is


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