Cycling… in the countryside…

Last week, I was in my lazy mood again….lazy to update the blog, that is. After the less-than-merry Hari Raya celebration in this adopted country of mine…had not really been in the mood to update my blog. And then my French class started….so was even less inclined to update.  Had wanted to share about a few things but just could not get myself to sit down and write about them. But this week the mood is back, so I am going to share with you some of the things that I saw or did the week before… so bear with me if I am going backward with a few posts this week, ok? 🙂

On Sunday, seeing that it was a nice and sunny day, the hubby decided that it was time we go cycling together since the fasting month was over. He had been exploring the areas nearby when he did his jogging and had been telling me…. for the past several weeks…..that he wanted to show it to me. Since the hubby had bought me a mountain bike early this year, which I had promised I would use…so I agreed to the cycling trip. Well….it would also give me a chance to wear all that sports gear that we had been buying during the sales. So no choice lah….just had to agree to the trip. Especially since I also did say that I would go exploring with him after Ramadan.

So, after lunch we got ready into our cycling gear and left for our trip to the nearby countryside. Actually, ever since we bought that mountain bike, this was the second time that I had actually rode on my brand new bicycle, after so many months. So…. I suppose you can guess what happened when one goes cycling…after so long??? That’s right…..yesterday morning when I woke up, my bum felt quite painful. Fortunately, I did not have class yesterday (as it was a public holiday in Lausanne) … otherwise….I don’t think I would be able to concentrate on the lesson while trying to get comfy sitting on my bum for 3 hours! Thankfully the bum feels better today, so it was okay.

Oh yes…I am happy to say that I have re-started my French class again, last week. Finally….after more than half a year of waiting! Unfortunately my good friend is not able to attend this particular class, but other than that…it has been fun and the teacher is just wonderful! For the last week and this coming one….the only thing we did or will be doing in class is just to make noise. Err…that does not come up quite right, I think. I mean…we did nothing in class except trying to pronounce all the different sounds or intonations in the French language. Some came out quite easily….but some took lots of practice to get the sound right! And depending on the language of one’s mother tongue…it can either help or hinder the sound making process…But whatever it is….we certainly had a lot of fun trying to sound French…. 🙂

Okay, now back to our cycling trip…or rather my sore bum. I was quite worried that some muscles long unused would also be sore yesterday…but luckily other than the sore bum…the rest of me felt quite fine. But it was worth the sore bum as it was a lovely cycling trip. We spent nearly 2 hours exploring the area located further up the Lausanne hill not that far away from where we are staying.  It was not easy, mind you, as there were many slopes (well there are slopes everywhere in Lausanne!) that we had to go over….and, especially since I have not been cycling or doing any sport for a long time. But it was great and I enjoyed myself, immensely.

And if you look at the pictures below…you would not be able to tell that we are actually in the city of Lausanne. Of course, not near the city centre…but still within the city area (about 20 mins away by metro from the city centre plus maybe another 5 more mins of walking). Yet, just a short distance away…there is this lovely countryside.

Hmmmm……all that I can say, is that we have been very fortunate, indeed, in our choice of location!

Wide open fields ….

with many houses…and hardly any flats to be seen…

with cows grazing…contentedly..

and there were even donkeys in the area (which strangely disappeared when we passed by the area on our way back!)

Gooseberry bushes found in abundance, as we went uphill…

with the berries looking so red and yummilicous…..was so tempted to pick them!

A nice big contemporary-looking house…..on the hill….which unfortunately does not belong to us!! 🙂


with a terrace that overlooking the lake….(psst : ….it is reported that the founder of Ikea lives in this area…… but not in this house lah!)

A much older house….but just as big …with a greenhouse (in the background) and a big lawn.. ..and although you cannot see it well in the picture…which also has a fantastic view of Lake Geneva!

Can’t resist having my picture taken in front of an old farmhouse which has been beautifully re-done. This farmhouse was built before 1900!

One of the more steeper slopes that we had to pass over……

The hubby pushing the bicycles up the steep slope….so that yours truly is free to take pictures of the surrounding area… 🙂

An old wooden shelter with very lovely and colourful flowers, at the top of the slope. Like many others similar shelters elsewhere in Switzerland, there is a water fountain inside it.

The slope as seen from the top. Want to know how steep the slope was?

It’s 18%…that’s how steep it was!  I am never going to be able to cycle up this slope, that’s for sure!

Another slope but not as steep as the earlier one…

(ps: By the way, these are the routes that the hubby sometimes took when he jogged….. lots of ups and downs the slopes… now can you see why I do not jog?)

With a nice house….which looks quite new…..and nice. Would love to live in one like this….ideally with a lake view, of course! 🙂

And as you can see from the colours of the leaves on the fence (of another nice house along the country road)……autumn is here…..

Well, today is the official start of autumn, here. The leaves on the trees are slowly changing colours but….. contrary to earlier forecast, the weather has been nice and sunny these past few days. Hopefully it will continue to be so for the next few weeks!

pps: And just so that you know….it is compulsory to buy a bicycle insurance before one can ride the bicycle on the road!

Other entries on cycling in the area on this blog and on the hubby’s


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