Big shopping spree…

Last Friday night, we had another shopping spree. Actually we already had a big one the Saturday before that. But it was difficult to resist not to shop again last Friday because …last Friday was the first Friday of the month. What is so special about this??  Because…on every first Friday of the month, the Aubonne factory outlet in Allaman….has a special shopping night where several shops would offer extra 20-30% discounts from 7-9pm…..sometimes, on top of their current promotion. And since to start with, their prices are already lower than the retail price in town, with the additional discount…this is therefore one of the best time to get good bargains, outside of the sale period, especially for branded goods. See… to resist….?

So…..want to know what kind of shopping spree we had been busy doing? No….not for Hari Raya….even though Raya is just around the corner. Actually….we have been busy shopping….. for sports related stuff lah!

Ever since the summer sale started, the hubby had been busy shopping for sports attire on sale. Hmmm….he’s taking his new year resolution to live healthily this year….very, very seriously. So, besides eating more healthily (other than buying mostly organic stuff and eating more fruits..he has also started buying all sort of cereals and grains…for this amateur turn into a delicious healthy meal….ha, ha, ha….that, he will have to wait a little long, long lah….as yours truly is no female version of Jamie Oliver! 🙂 But seriously…I will try, ok ta?)…..he has also started cycling to work whenever possible….and also goes running quite regularly. The target…beside trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle?? To try to lose weight and maybe even try for the marathon…. or even more ambitious…. the triathlon, if possible! He certainly has succeeded in losing some weights and slowly getting the waistline that he has been dreaming for…..but as to the marathon….or even triathlon…..I think that one…I will be the one who has to wait a little long, long lah…as he would need to practise…long, long….to get his physique in shape for that gruelling feat 🙂

But….don’t play, play, huh…the hubby is really serious about his sports and has no qualm spending, if necessary, for his sports. Just the previous Saturday alone….he bought 5 tops, 2 running short/tracks, a swim short plus a few sport’s internal wear.  Before that, he had already bought several tops and shorts/track pants in the midst of the summer sale. And last Friday, another top, sock and a special cap…this time for more cooler weather plus a swimming goggle. 

But of course lah…..the shopping cannot be just one-sided right?? Otherwise, not fair lah.  Yours truly must also get something out of the sale, too, no? So, for myself…despite not doing any running…we bought 2 tops and a track pant! Of course, this is in addition to the 3 tops that we had bought just a few weeks ago! The hubby said, he would be very angry if I do not wear them! Well….of course, I will…..just not for running! No stamina lah….maybe I can just go for walks wearing my new sports attire…..still okay, right? 🙂

And then, of course how to run without running shoes, right? So…he has bought several running shoes during the sale, too. 4 pairs…to be exact!! Wah…..very serious…the hubby,  no? For me……not many lah, just 2 pairs ONLY! 🙂 Hmm….imagine if I am the one running….maybe I ended up with even more pairs than the hubby…ha, ha, ha!!

And less I forget….the hubby even went shopping (quietly) online….to buy several other accessories or “gadgets”…to aide him in his “running endeavours”……and then of course there’s the books and magazines on running, too. All that I can say is…when the hubby wants to do something…he really goes all out….to do it….and that include shopping…. errr…I mean running!


Two not enough. Of course, the more the merrier……right?  So, when the hubby saw some other shoes also on sale just a few weeks later….he decided to get more pairs. But since some of these shoes had a discount of more than 50%…so it was really worth it to buy them in the sale. Well…I should think that he would have enough shoes to last him for a long…long time…I hope!

And then his special running aids……

all sorts of gadgets…..

… that black sports watch is the second watch that he bought  since we moved into our new place…..all because the new gadgets require another type of watch for them to work!

These two items are supposed to go together and….

are to be worn on the shoe….so that it could track the distance the hubby ran….

(ooopps…. that key near the shoe …which I had not noticed when I was taking the photo… was the one that the hubby had accidentally left on the door key hole a few weeks ago….thus locking ourselves inside our own home when he locked the door from inside!)

While these two items…also have to  go together ….and are to be worn around the chest (inside the no photo of the item on the hubby lah huh….since this is a PG rated blog!)….  to monitor the hubby’s heart rate while he runs. With this device…it helps the hubby runs more effectively. If you are interested to know more about the benefits of heart monitoring in running, you can read it here

And then…..of course the all-important watch….which helps to store all the data….from the other two gadgets….plus giving hubby the necessary info to aid him in his run…while he runs….

which later had to be placed on this item (which is connected to the computer via the usb key) ….for the hubby to upload all the data of his run for that day into his online POLAR Personal Trainer!!

Like this……wah….so cheem….huh?? 

So….still up to see more of his running aids……? Because it’s not finished yet! 🙂

This strange-looking piece of cloth…(with price tag still attached)….is an alternative to the running cap….should the hubby does a long run…. under the hot sun! Alaah… the one you might have possibly seen when people do races in the desert…..or something…that one lah!


And this seemingly ordinary looking rucksack……is actually a ………


water pack! See that blue tube jutting out of the unzipped bag….? It is actually the straw for the hubby to drink from…..should he gets thirsty while he runs…..without having to bother about having to hold it to his mouth!! It is meant for long distance runner as it could carry up to 2.5 litre of water. But the water bag inside is detachable, so the bag could still be used for ordinary use.

And no worry either, when he has to run in the forest nearby or…in the dark, the hubby has…..

his headlamp to help shine his way through!! This is the smaller of the 2 that the hubby has….

I think that should be enough for now lah.  I will spare you …. and myself …of checking out the running aids that the hubby used when he did his jogging in winter. A different sort of aids were used during that time…which I had never thought to exist…… before I came to live here!

Hmmmm……I used to think one only needs to wear the usual running attire and then go for the run when one takes up jogging. But nowadays…there are so many things being offered… make that run better, easier, more effective…….and of course more expensive than it used to!

Okaylah….got to run now…..the housework is waiting!


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