Ohhh, how I wash…..

This morning was our turn to wash our laundry. After 2 weeks of doing lots of washing, this week I was able to relax a bit lah. I still have some of the stuff that were brought back from the warehouse to be washed, but there are not many left. And since the weather had been warm and sunny….I was hoping to get some of my washing to dry out on the balcony…if the drying room cannot do the work properly. But of course….it just had to rain on my washing day!! Luckily only in the morning. But still….this afternoon is not as sunny as I had hoped it to be. Oh well…..

Here in Switzerland, washing rooms are provided for tenants living in rented buildings. The system, of course, will vary from building to building as each will have a different management. At our previous flat, we had to buy a key to be used with the washing machine. The key contained a fixed credit value which would be deducted for every washing. The cost per washing vary, depending on the degree of water temperature and the length of washing. Naturally the longer the time and the hotter the water temperature, the more expensive it is. But here in this current building, we have to insert coins in order to use the washing machines. While one machine accepts coins of most denominations, the other machine accepts only CHF 1 and 20 centimes (and therefore is more troublesome and not very popular!) Although the machine dedicated for our washing is the one that accepts most denominations but….. there are times when you have inconsiderate neighbour who would use it even though it was not their turn (when you do your washing a little late) and so we ended up having to use the other machine…..just like this morning! Aarghhh…..!!! One more time…..and I will lose my patience and my temper…..that’s for sure! But right now..since it is Ramadan…..so must try to be patience lah huh??……

Although it is cheaper to use the washing machine in our current flat but we  have to pay to use the blower in the drying room. The one at our old flat was free since I supposed they must have included it in the cost for washing! But the nice thing about doing washing here, other than the fixed schedule and the fixed machine is that there is also a separate room for drying. At our old flat, there is just one big room with shared hanging lines and blower machines. And since there was also no fixed schedule, I had to wait not only for the one and only washing machine to be available but….. also for the hanging lines to be available, too! And if one is unlucky enough to get inconsiderate neighbours who hang their clothes for days….then it meant one might sometimes have to wait for days…. before being able to do one’s washing!! And with no lift…..can you imagine, yours truly…. making several trips up and down the flight of stairs to the basement where the laundry room is…not to do washing…. but just to check if the machine and the lines are available!

Even worse….sometimes the impatient ones might even helped you to remove your washing from the machines if you are late in doing so, so that they can use it. It’s ok if they also helped to hang the washed clothes on the lines….but not when they just dumped it somewhere! There are even cases of clothes being removed from the hanging lines when they are left drying for too long!! Arghhhh….really…. it could be a nightmare at times, doing laundry at the old flat. So, to avoid our washing from being removed from the hanging lines by “unseen hands”, we always ensure that we removed them by the end of the day….even if the clothes were not fully dry!

Hmmmmmm……I look forward to the day when we will have our own washing machine at home…. as is the practise back home in Singapore!! I wonder when will that be……..

The two machines in the laundry room. We are supposed to use only the one on the left….but as you can see…someone was already using it! Very naughty!!!


Two out of the three drying rooms in the laundry room and the hanging lines inside,

The blower in the drying room, which unfortunately only accepts CHF 1 and 20 centimes…..arghhh.. So what to do…..if you don’t have any of the required coins???

Had to change at the post office lah…..otherwise, no washing lor!!


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