Somebody…anybody…please help…..

What a scare we had, last night!! You would not believe it! And neither could we! But seemed that it is possible….and that it had happened, before! Luckily… I was not the one responsible for it….otherwise….. I’m sure the hubby would just lurve to remind me of it….once it a while. Am I not right…ta? 🙂

So what did happen….last night??? 

I’m sure you must have heard of people or maybe you might have experienced it yourself…of getting accidentally locked out of your own home? It’s not very common, but it’s not a rarity either, right? Well, of course that did not happen to us! Nope…..nothing as simple as that! We were not accidentally locked out of our home… that would be difficult since we have to use the key to lock the door from outside. Unless of course, we accidentally lose that key and so could not get into our home, after that!

Instead, last night….unbelievably…..we were accidentally locked… INSIDE… our home!!! Really!!! I know it might be strange but so true… could actually happened! I supposed only to a special group of people… us ….who unknowingly decided to live in a building …. with a strange door locking mechanism… 🙂 

It seemed that if you accidentally left your key in the external door lock, and then unwittingly turned the internal door knob (which will lock the door from inside) once you have entered….you basically locked yourself in! And no matter how much or how hard you try to turn the door knob, from inside….you will not get it to turn….not a single bit!!! The hubby used all the tools that he could think of….to no avail! 

How on earth…could he have forgotten….about the key he left on the door lock, you might wonder? Well…the hubby decided to go for a quick run after getting home from work…before dinner. And I supposed  being tired from the run… he simply forgot the key which he had left on the door lock, as it was his usual practice to first unlock the door….and then later took off his shoe at the staircase nearby, before entering. And since he only carried a lone single key (that is just for the door) whenever he goes for his run….I suppose he simply overlooked the key on the lock…this time…and so entered our home without retrieving it! And of course…..proceeded to lock us… right inside our own home!

He only realized what he had done , much much later….when he was checking to make sure that the door has been locked for the night. He spent more than 20 minutes, struggling to get the door to unlock. Even contemplated calling the police to help unlock us out of our own home….but I was not keen. I would rather that we get our concierge to help, since they after all live just on the opposite block. But the hubby was not keen to disturb them since it was already past 10.30pm. Luckily though, …. when we checked outside for the second time for any neighbour who might still be up  (people seemed to be sleeping earlier where we are staying now, unlike before, as there are more family units rather than young singles, here)….we saw a neighbour below us enjoying the cool night air. She kindly agreed to come to our rescue. Phewwww… have no idea what a relief it was to finally have the door unlocked.

Anyway… seemed that the same thing had happened to her and her hubby….which was why she was very quick to grasp what had happened when the hubby was trying to explain to get her to come up and help us to open our door.

Thankfully….the night ended well. But I guess it will be a hot topic of conversation for us…. for some time 🙂

Hmmm….I wondered whether any residents had complained to the management before…about this strange door locking mechanism. If not….maybe we should be the first to do so… what do you think? Just imagine…if we had not realized it..and then went to bed, unaware……and then….there was a fire… the middle of the night??? I supposed we would have to jump down from the balcony in order to save ourselves!! Yes….yes…I know it can be quite funny to picture us jumping down (hopefully in our PJ!)… and maybe a little too farfetched, even. But these are all possibilities…that could happen. And that’s how bad things….happened…because someone accidentally forgot to do something…..or because the management unwittingly overlooked some safety procedures… You must have come across such things when reading or watching the news… anything is possible, right?

Ok…..that’s it…I have convinced myself! I am going to ask the hubby to write to the management!  I think it’s the least that we could do…to  promote safety in our building. The rest…is up to them….and of course up to God lah! Consider this our small good deed for Ramadan….lah!


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