See…how the wind blows…

It has been raining for 2 days, now. And because of that, the temperature has turned a bit chilly. Yesterday, it was about 15-16°C…..and today it is about 13-14°C. Mind you, this is summer, right now!

I think for many South East Asians, like me, who are not used to the temperate weather, we always picture summer time as being very hot where as winter would be very cold (with snows as well, of course!). Well….winter is cold…there is no doubt about that. But summer……that’s another story. Even spring. There had been pretty cold days in late spring…and now pretty cold days in summer, too. But as the delivery guy had told me when I remarked about the cold weather in response to his question as to how do I find his country….hei, this is Switzerland! Hmmm….I guess he thought that explains it. 

Oh well… I suppose I just have to learn to get used to the chills and the cold, which I would be feeling almost throughout the year, except for the really hot days in summer or spring. The hubby did say that the weather here, can be unpredictable in spring, summer and even autumn. And as the delivery guy had “explained”… I am after all… in Switzerland!

But before I forget…..I must also mentioned the strong wind that we have here…especially up the hill where we are living now.  It is so strong….that I don’t only see it as it caused the leaves of the trees to sway madly or the awnings of our balcony to flap crazily…..but I could even hear it so clearly….whooooooooo….Pretty scary sound when I first heard it….but of course, now I am pretty much used to hearing it on strong windy days.

And this morning, when I woke up…it was not only raining heavily…..but the wind was also blowing so strongly….so strong that it toppled the hubby’s much beloved balcony table which he had carefully folded yesterday evening, so that it would be protected from the rain!

The table….falling down due to the pressure from the strong wind. I think not only the table is bruised from the fall….even the hubby, too!! He was quite upset when I told him this morning, that the table had fallen.

While this plastic shoe rack…had fallen down countless time…whenever strong wind blew. (I am going to tie it to the balcony railing so that hopefully it will not fall down, again!)

The dark clouds hovering above……what should have been Lake Geneva…..which usually does its disappearing act when it rains heavily for a period of time.

And above what should have been the mountains……

Noticed how grey the pictures are… if I am taking a black and white photographs?! But that was how it looked this morning… and still is while I am doing this entry.

Hmmm…….since it is another wet and cold day…..guess it will be another nice hot Asian meal for dinner tonight…..:-)


3 thoughts on “See…how the wind blows…

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  2. No lah…not paradise….but I am lucky that Lausanne is really a nice place to live in. Alhamdullilah…ps: thanks for stopping by!


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